Truth Hertz: NYC’s Halloween Horror, Elder Abuse & Ken O’Keefe (11-1-17)

Charlie talks about the latest spooky story to come out on an important date and how absurd everything is getting, then gets into his own personal experience dealing with the elderly getting medical care and takes a call from Urban about the same issue, then talks about how Ken O’Keefe is not what he pretends to be.

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Ken always asks for money, he misappropriates the money, he blames the US and UK instead of ZOGs, and his no borders “world citizenship” talk is a jew prophecy.


Ken was outed for his actions even by the Free Palestine movements that he was once associated with seen in this 2010 pro-Zionist article/blog. Krazy Ken O’Keefe unmasked – by fellow moonbats: [If Ken O’Keefe is so crazy that even the Free Gaza moonbats are slamming him, you know that he is nuts.] Greta Berlin co-founder of the Free Gaza movement: “Ken was on our first trip (FGM) in August, 2008… During the entire voyage, he was obstreperous, obnoxious and, finally, dangerous to all of us. He threatened some of the activists with bodily damage. If you’ve seen him, you know he is capable. Finally, he tried to commit mutiny on the Free Gaza during the night we were traveling to Gaza with no… Read more »


I just saw Ken’s girlfriend on YouTube. I must agree with Charles. She does look like a slut. She may be Ken’s handler. If Ken’s working for the other side, he’s been very good at fooling people.

Soapy Bigstorm

Ha…good one, Charlie! My globalist radar went off on this guy after hearing his rabid frothing barking on Press TV years ago,especially when I saw he had no source of income. He’ll probably end up being a regular on the Jeff Rense Wash and Repeat Show with Frank Connor O’Connor Cohen.


Honestly, Whites shouldn’t need to have “sources of income” as they should be inheriting enough to get by. If you need a source of income you’re by default dependent on the Jews, and therefore compromised.

James V

Lisa, your comments get more retarded by the day.


Yep, sounds like she pulled that one right out of her ass! Are you surprised her comments are retarded though given her chrisTARDation?


Superb show CG.


Charles, another thing.. American thrashmetal band Slayer released their album ”God Hates Us All” on 9/11 2001..


First saw this now.
Band ”Dream Theatre” released an album called ”Live scenes from new york” on 9/11 2001. And the cover shows among other stuff, the twin towers in flames.. unbelivable..