Truth Hertz: The Occult Connections of 88, 33 & 13 (7-15-16)


Charles finishes his discussion of unfulfilled prophecies and then talks about some specific numerology related to 88, 33, and 13.

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mrs doris dittman
4 years ago

charlie there is only 7 octaves on a piano with 88 keys,,not 11,,and with 4 notes left over,,there are 12 notes in an octave,, not 8 x 11 ,,and by the way ,, since you’ve exposed your music knowledge,,do something with your little boy,, jew owned,,jew rock,, horse shit bumper music,,there is plenty of white owned music,,the jews laugh every time you play zeppelin,, seeger,,arrowsmith,,heart,,etc etc,, and all the other faggot noise,,wake up and stand up for white people and play music that represents them,,don’t you know that’s how the jews brainwash the goy,,wake up little boy

Reply to  mrs doris dittman
4 years ago

What makes you think you can be an asshole illiterate bitch but a 5 days a week host of a network that’s working on his new book can’t make a silly mistake? You’re butthurt about something else. I suggest you to put an ice on it. BITCH.

mrs doris dittman
Reply to  Yrton
4 years ago

silly mistake ? oh !!,, ok ,,i think i understand,,may i suggest you cut your nuts off so you can be the lead singer in charlies jew run rock band,,have a nice day pussycat.!

Reply to  mrs doris dittman
4 years ago

This is somebody Renegade obviously knows. Otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to disguise themselves with very deliberate double commas and such. They’re trying too hard to write differently to the way they normally would.

Just sayin…

mrs doris dittman
Reply to  Shaun Surplus
4 years ago

disguise ?? ,, oh ,, you mean like when you sometimes call yourself yrton ,, and other times call yourself shaun surplus,, ps. your music sucks too ,, its just noise,, just sayin…

4 years ago

the friday 13th thing you missed out philip the fair going after the knights templar Friday, 13 October 1307

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