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free your mind
7 years ago

Wow, another great analysis of the occultic ties to 9/11. Amazing. Thanks.

7 years ago

Holohoax Jew Banking. Don’t forget the keywords. Don’t forget the perpetrators.

7 years ago

Good show with a lot of intriguing symbological information. About flight 77, though, numerous witnesses reported seeing the plane, as illustrated in this compilation. The second half of the video features David Chandler of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth making the case for a plane impacting the Pentagon. The arguments about the hole not being big enough rely on selective and misleading evidence, such as a famous photo in which streams of water from hoses obscure much of the breach in the building’s facade.

Circus Maximus
Reply to  Rainer Chlodwig von K
7 years ago

My cousin is a retired DC Fire Captain. His crew was at the Pentagon. He received a call from a crew member. NO PLANE hit the Pentagon!

Reply to  Circus Maximus
7 years ago

I’m not calling your cousin a liar, but have you watched that AE 9/11 Truth presentation? The famous photo of the damage to the exterior of the building isn’t the only picture available, but people like to share that one because it seems to support the missile/whatever theory. I’ve believed the same thing until relatively recently. It seems really damning that the government didn’t release the full security footage, but only those few frames; however, I’m increasingly inclined to wonder if the tease about the withheld footage was itself a different sort of psyop aimed at the creation of a conspiracy theory that could later be debunked so as to discredit 9/11 truth altogether. I recommend watching Chandler’s talk if you haven’t seen it.

Reply to  Circus Maximus
7 years ago

Yep, no plane hit the Pentagon, as a matter of fact, the section that was damaged had just undergone renovations, much like the Twin Towers with Lift maintenance.
Some years back on one of the Anniversaries of 9/11, a supposed “leaked” video showing a missile hitting the Pentagon was on the internet but it proved to be inconsistent in that it shows a hit to the wrong section.

7 years ago

The Pentagon was not hit by a plane, this well known fact has been verified in every possible manner.

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