Truth Hertz: Old Newspaper Ads Show Black Slaves Were Sold by jews (6-9-20)

Charlie discusses our current situation and then reads through many old newspaper ads that show how jews were the main sellers of slaves.

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Gandolph the Great

Thanks Kyle for all the hard work and persistence in the behind the scenes stuff with Renegade and your film work last but not least!! Been following Charles since Oracle days and you guys definitely have aomething great!!


I wasnt sure if I missed it or charlie didnt mention it but there is a book wriiten recently from the Nation of Islam that shows 140 ads placed by jews….the book is $5, I got one and I think its a powerful tool….I included the link if anyone is interested.

Jews Selling Blacks

Here are a bunch of ads from the book. Watch the entire video clip. Johnny Gat nails it.


horrid the way we treat animals today, no more factory farms


No more eating animals.

Will Wood

Can someone send me the link to Charlies other talk on slavery and the Jews??


Get off your arse & look it up yourself in the archives under his name you lazy f**ker! 😉

Will Wood

Ok, I looked, still can’t find it. Was it done before Charlie came to Renegade? I’m specifically looking for the quote on ship registration out of the port of Bridgeport RI? Number of ships and who they were registered to?? And year?? thanks


The info you want might be here 😉

Bobby Ruud

From the slave ships to the auctions. 100% financed and controlled by the AshkeNazis.
What’s that city where the slave ships first landed. New Port Rhode island I think? Anyway it’s home to the 1st synagogue in the U.S. And I’m not talking about Semetic Jews. I’m talking about the synagogue of satan!
*not all AshkeNazis believe in the Talmudic law of superiority and of viewing gentiles as animals. But.. the most powerful AshkeNazis usually are the most wicked.