Truth Hertz: Old World Peoples in Ancient America (2-17-20)

Charles talks about some current events and then gets into the epigraphy of Gloria Farley, and how mounds of evidence show that “Old World” people were present in America long before Columbus.

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4 years ago

Speaking of the radical or bold change Kyle talked about yesterday, referencing the Sword destroying the lock/knot when milder measures failed, the image for this show ( almost synchronously ) features the Dagaz rune.. And even more interesting because of the video this lady made a few days ago explaining it

Will Wood
4 years ago

Great show Charlie!! No surprise, the Chinese too, are trying to hide the evidence of White people having been there in early times..

1 year ago

that looks like Orkhon inscriptions
Chinese and old Turkic

Reply to  rex
1 year ago

Orkhon inscriptions share commonality with Futhark Runes. Viking explorers carved these symbols into the slab you see in the thumbnail. Mongols and Göktürks were heavily influenced by the Aryans in Central Asia and Siberia, such as the Scythians and related tribes that got racially cleansed under a mixed multitude of Asiatic horsemen that mimicked the mobile hit-and-run tactics of the Scythians, Cimmerians, Sarmatians, Alans, and many other Aryans of the east whose tactics were inseparable from Parthian tactics. I listened to an Eastern European’s podcast I can’t share on this site, I noticed the differences in linguistic pronunciation are useful in identifying similarities between the various different societies throughout Eurasia and their connection to the Aryan homeland stretching from Central Asia to the Pontic-Eurasian Steppe.… Read more »

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