Truth Hertz: Oregon College Shooting (10-2-15)


Charles tears into the recent shooting at an Oregon community college. He then gets into liquid water on Mars.

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Sure – I believe it really happened and wasn’t a staged event. Maybe we can tune in to Spignola to hear her do about 20 shows on how tragic is was and read off the names of the vicSims while shedding crocodile tears. That’s what I’m looking fwd to.


@ Pat

He called BS on the shooting


I love this guy. not only does he speak the absolute truth but he keeps his show so humorously entertaining. By saying things like “…somebody hand this poor guy a rag to wipe the tears from his eyes; preferably the one i just used to wipe my Arse with!” LMFAO!!

i love you Charlie keep exposing the truth and keep up the good work!


@ Chris

Don’t worry about Pat mate – he’s a known keyboard commando troll who’s been stalking these comments sections for ages. ALL his comments are framed to incite disharmony and he regularly attacks everyone else around him (I’m sure you’ll see him do it to me now too). Shaun challenged him to call in to his show/any show and discuss his views a while back but as expected Pat has no spine to back up anything he types here. So yeah, after a while you’ll get used to just ignoring him like everyone else does.


Pat’s probably a filthy jew


I have heard tom debate and speak before and I dont why he didn’t call in to surplus.


awesome that mr.charlie is finally on renegade