Truth Hertz: Orphans & Labyrinths (11-28-16)


Charles talks about new revelations regarding PizzaGate and discusses the repeating themes of orphans and labyrinths in popular culture, and what it seems to mean.

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Is that David Bowie?


Such a freak! It’s good to see ya on here. You’ve got a few fans of your own!


Agreed, Bowie was a freak. His costar in the Labyrinth movie…you know, the posterchild for man/girl love, Jennifer Connally, was every lonely little girl’s hero. (Not every six-year-old understands that teenagers aren’t adults, and therefore should not be the love interest of a fully grown man wearing a cod-piece.) When she grew up she chose roles that glorified drugs, interracial prostitution, and incest. The little girls who loved her were forced to watch her perform sex acts on big black men (the black man in question later went on to voice a Disney character), and other women. This system preys on people looking for heroes (misguidedly, I’ll admit), and pretends to give them what they are missing. After this programming is firmly in place the… Read more »


Well said!


I know Charles doesn’t monitor the comments, but, Revero is no longer on GCN. N0, $tatmiller gave him his 4:00pm prime time spot he’s had for over twenty years… WTF!!!