Truth Hertz: Pedophile Politicians and Their Pizza Parties (11-15-16)


Charles continues his notes on pedophile politicians and their crimes against children. This is some disturbing material, but it needs to come out.

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And yet Trump goes on 60 Minutes and tells Lesley Stahl, who is from a wealthy Jewish family and a member of the CFR, that Bill and Hillary are good people, and he does not want to hurt them. My heart aches for all the victims of the Bush, Clinton, and Obama administrations, and expect much the same from the Trump one. Our children are our future, and it looks bleak.


Here here. Amazing more people don’t see this deception for what it is. Let’s just hope though true to the tribe’s form, they take things past that critical mass with their boundless arrogance and pride and the whole superstructure comes crashing down on their heads! Spreading the word, even subtle hints to those not in the know, is key.


For $65.000, you could buy 5-10.000 pizzas, depending on the price per pizza. You would calculate 1/2 of a whole pizza per person. So that’s 10-20.000 people.
Where is the purchase order and bill for the pizzas? What catering company delivered them and when and how did 5-10.000 guests show up to this Pizza Party?
The FBI should asked these questions. If there is no answer, the code wording language is the only alternative here.


Hey Charlie this video was creepy to begin with (Olsen twins pizza slow) now it’s extra creepy

Am Not

OMG, that was creepy. So much coming to light. And still, how hard it is for so many to wake up and see it. Hopefully, that will change and these perverted jews can be eradicated.


The best way to get people interested in the truth is to ask them questions e.g. why is it only White country’s who should be diverse, or why does multiculturalism mean less white people? And tell it like you don’t know so you don’t seem like a smart ass(people hate that.) So the people will think for themselves for a minute or two. That’s all it takes to get out of the mindcontrol box!


The Actors Gang Inc donated $66,666 to Abramovic. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama spent an additional $1,666 for the ‘pizza and hotdogs’.


Hotdog for boys is clear.
Pizza for girls? Cheese=milk. Pepperoni = ariola
Pizza, flat bread = undeveloped breasts, flat chest?

Naughty Dog

Wow! You should read Slurpus’ very recent article about Hotdogs! You could read a lot into these excerpts if you really wanted to 😉 – “Yesterday, I accompanied Jimmy’s wife to Sunday school so that I could teach the children a thing or two about Australia. It was great. The ages ranged from 3 to around 13 and they were asking all of the right questions.” “After we left Sunday school, we decided to grab a bite to eat and I mentioned hotdogs. Off we went to Ted’s Hotdogs. Ted’s Hostdogs is this place where you walk in and there is a lad with a grill in front of him. You tell him if you want a normal size hotdog or a foot long hotdog.… Read more »


I don’t know man. As with the $65.000 “pizza party” without a bill and the other sick shit in the Podests emails, it really sounds like code language.
Shaun talking about a day with his kids eating hotdogs is what any other parents do too.
These Podesta people chose Pizza and Hotdog as code for a reason. It’s the normalist thing most people do with their kids.
Look, feeling left out and disliking the partner of a close friend or relative and overreacting negatively isn’t unusual either. Happens in many brotherhoods and families.
And keeping the equipment of Renegade listeners is rather “a small lie”.
Accusing Shaun of being a criminal monster is a serious accusation though.
Write about your police report once you filed it.


He’s just repeating what’s on Surplus’ blog. I tend to agree that it’s probably not *that* deep, but it’s not a total stretch to notice how fixated the guy is on weird phallic-ish shit. I noted it and just found it very odd, but when you think about the history and seeming fixation on childhood sexual abuse, and the timing of his departure with its sabotage attempts, it really doesn’t seem outlandish that there’s more going on there.

I say not outlandish, but it’s still not likely either.


Now Surplus is going on about this thread and trying to construe skeptics of his obvious narcissistic personality complex as ‘mentally disturbed.’ I commented because I think there is a larger point to contemplate. When does skepticism become hyper vigilance, or worse, paranoia? Hyper vigilance in this day and age is a necessity. Without it, we are just dupes, plain and simple. So paranoia would be the zone to avoid. Yet here, in all that’s transpired with Shaygexit (shaygetz is the yiddish male equivalent for shiksa), people come together to string together various problematic elements of the situation. 1. Shaun Surplus left at a time when Renegade was the last major pro-white outlet standing against the jews’ installation of Trump. 2. He took material resources… Read more »


the fact that you’re willing to deliberately misunderstand the word “Hot Dog” as a code word for “pedophile”.. overreact, call people names, get angry, make up more bullshit to get angry about, freak out, call the police simply because Surplus spent time with his children at Sunday school and at an outting where they had hot dogs….. simply because you never liked him to begin with and that some troublemaking listener reports Surplus blog posts back here and manipulates you into thinking it’s worse than it really is .. That, if anything, is also a very jewish act! I assume you dont have kids, or if you do have kids you dont care about them very much, if at all You’re definitely not someone interested… Read more »


Get back on your meds Paula! Shaun deserves everything he gets. If anything he probably wrote that piece on purpose knowing exactly what’s been going just to get a reaction so that he could then write yet another pathetic article attacking Renegade. Face it, the guy has some serious issues so stop being a Shaun apologist. You don’t even know the guy & uhhh FYI – it wasn’t HIS kids he spent time with at Sunday School & he didn’t eat hotdogs with them either, doh! Get a grip woman!


Paula do you think it was appropriate for Shaun Surplus to go on about his family’s sexual abuse history all the time? Or at all even? How was that relevant to the issues facing white people? It wasn’t a public arena phenomenon. Shaun clearly came from a very sick degenerate background and I still wonder why people didn’t take umbrage to his seeming compulsion to link whites’ survival with his own white family’s depravity. Violence that goes on in the public arena can be relevant and should be exposed and analyzed, but the strictly personal should have been kept that – strictly personal. Shaun in his own way was guilty of feminism with his total lack of boundaries and attempt to occlude the political behind… Read more »


I guess I never took issue with these depravities that you say he raised, and I trust you and others when you claim he said these things, because I never listened to him. I heard one or maybe two shows early on and was bored. I like learning. I don’t care about trite things or people. His few shows I heard went in that bin. I also try to stick with people who are pushing information and activism. When I don’t hear it, then I move on.

Knowledge with out action is pointless. We should never forget this.


The only Suprlus show I listened to in entirety was the one with Alex Linder. I tried to listen to a few others, but was bored to tears. I also think he has/had a crush on Sinead.


And another question, Paula. Are you okay with Shaun Surplus using jew tactics – the lowest of the low – to attack Sinead and Kyle just because he wanted free equipment? Shaun Surplus made a sly insinuation that because Sinead had been interned as a teen and force medicated that that somehow accounted for her refusal to accommodate his demands, on her own husband’s network and on her own radio show. The guy literally took up the ultimate jew game. Any white woman is diseased apparently who fails to indulge his invasiveness. If that’s not utterly disgusting I don’t know what the he’ll is. This is why someone took alarm at his obsessive hotdogs, sauce and little girl comments. The guy has made sly insinuations… Read more »


‘An ugly sandnegress”


No good talking to that Paula woman Alt, she’s obviously a blockhead. Go check out the comments here –

and you’ll see her & other rejects who commonly make retarded thumbed down comments here licking Shaun’s behind in a disgusting display of gossip column fandom. The sick thing is these retards are blatantly doing exactly what they accuse others of without even realizing it! Oh well, if they want to follow their bitter little hooknosed, foul-mouthed pied piper let them – it’s always the rats that jump ship – they’ll do the same from the SS Slurpus when the truth finally sinks that leaking, lurching vessel!


Unbelievable that Surplus has that non-white woman attacking Sinead for surviving jew ‘rehabilitation.’ That should sum up the guy; he has to seek support from a non-white to lobby against his own race.

I guess it’s not surprising. Anyone whose own white father raped him or his siblings is probably going to struggle with self-loathing. It’s just very unfortunate he chooses to try to blame decent whites for it.

The guy is so sick he’s still fantasizing about somehow getting near Kyle. Maybe he also has some serious issues with his sexual identity. It would be just sad if he weren’t so base about it.


Careful! His next article will probably be about Renegade calling him a closet homo now! Mind you stranger things have happened and many closet homos that finally came out or were found out were the ones trying their hardest to convince everyone that they were the most masculine man around! Not saying Surplus is a fag but there’s definitely something not right going on with him. I found the shows he did with all his women guests very awkward & it was always somewhat embarrassing to hear the out-of-place & immature sexual innuendo he would inject into every discussion. His interactions with Shield Maiden in particular literally made me cringe at times & I felt genuinely embarrassed for her once or twice – I really… Read more »


Just checked those comments. A bunch of deluded, hypocritical, self-righteous assholes in there all contributing to drama while calling out others for doing the same. At least when I come to the Renegade Network (both Broadcasting & The Tribune) I get a wealth of well-researched INFORMATION on many different topics that affect us from a broad base of many intelligent contributors & I can choose to either look at the comments or not. Go to “that” blog and all you get is Facebook-like “hey here’s what I did today” (the very same thing Surplus went to great length to putting down facebook users for btw) plus a whole load of circle-jerking drama from a bunch of children in adult’s bodies. It really does seem to… Read more »


I hear ya Frank. Many assholes here. Posted for the first time a few days ago and I’m done. Mental midgets that don’t do a fucking thing except play thumbs down and bash others. I’m out there doing stuff every day jerk offs, what are you doing??? Keep playing the Jews game, they’re laughing at you. You expect to beat a thoroughly entrenched and cohesive opponent with this mentality (I’m talking in general not with anything specific to this post just what I’ve seen)?Pathetic.


Hey Titus, you realize I was talking about Surplus’ little blog right? I’m praising Renegade & calling out Surplus for the irrelevant dickhead that he is! Renegade Broadcasting is the absolute pinnacle when it comes to cutting edge information & the researchers that contribute here are some of the best around without all the baggage that others carry or are weighed down by. The comments section here is great also! I was saying that I normally just don’t comment personally as I’ve always preferred to spend my valuable research time just absorbing the info. Looks to me like most people have got it pretty well sussed here though – all the thumbs down you see are VERY well deserved in nearly every case! If your… Read more »

Jew Slayer

Shaun Surplus Estrogen


Install Windows 7, turn off updates. Install none. All you need is an antivirus program, and most of those are free.

Have you looked into discord for calls?


Regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, there is also suspicion of Sigmund Freud’s grandson, the late Sir Clement Freud, a known pedophile.

It really jumped out at me that both Clement Freud and John Podesta specialize in making risotto.


Love this show. Nice mix of informative rant with progressive info.


hello Charles. good show. Just to let you know… you can always disable upgrades on your computer and laptop, even in Windows 10. i have mine disabled because the upgrades are always crap just to slow down your pc.
just follow this short video step by step:

good show, keep up the good work