Truth Hertz: Picking Apart The Parkland Hoax (2-21-18)

Charlie gets fired up about the lying bastards who are pulling the wool over the sheeple’s eyes yet again with an absurd and malicious hoax, chock full of awful crisis actors.

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I don’t profess to know who Hogg is, whether he was from LA, new student at Stoneman, or if that pic of the 27 yo with long hair on police blotter is him … it’s still early and best not to jump to conclusions … the jews are dropping tons of easter eggs to make the truther goy look like lunatics … but I cut and paste the following from a YT post, however there is another YT video that shows Hogg in the parkland school too…. all that said, YT is removing video at a record clip — has anyone seen the one where he is allegedly reviewing his lines? it was removed too …. anyhow, here’s the post …. hyroler orr 2 days… Read more »

It’s a bit too easy to spot this as fake. It seems like a huge distraction including the gun grab angle. Are they going to be giving amnesty to 10 million illegals while everyone is focused on this circus?

WhiteWolf, holy crap, i don’t think i’ve heard even one utterance of ‘dapa’ or ‘dreamer’ since the afternoon of St. Fakenstein’s Day.

Just as a sidenote

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Even black girls would agree this guy is the stuff of nightmares…

a lot of jews at Parkland high school. Like a bar mitz. Very suspicious

from the getgo &=
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i really & truly absolutely despise this punk after seeing the CBS news clip from last august at redondo beach. UNBELIEVABLE!!! there is both a cbs channel version, as well as david hogg channel version. what kind of sick, demented, punk ass kids deliberately try to bate a lifeguard to get him in trouble??? kids that age are at the beach to have fun, surf, and pick up girls, not play ROVING REPORTER for the freakin Jerry Springer show. & you know damned well that video only got aired on CBS in california because that punk ass lying f*** has FBI father. wow, and only on vacation, huh? this is what you do on vacation, angry little stick boy freak, stuck in ONE MODE, angry.… Read more »

I will forever punch myself in the face for ever thinking that he was anything. One of the shames of my life. But you stiiiiiiiiil try and rinse it to see just if, just fucking if. But no. The stench of kike is everywhere.

I love your rants Charles but you’re a little harsh on the people that fall for hoaxes. It’s not just a matter of them noticing that the story doesn’t quite add up. It’s facing the stark reality that they are being lied to by the police, all the msm media and all the government including their president. You even have fake “White supremacists” who would surely be expected to expose the lying government that supposedly censors them playing along with the story. Plus of course numerous alternative big brother online outlets all pumping out the same garbage. The crisis actor list isn’t just the so called witnesses of the events. It’s a big production and the support cast includes government officials. Only a small minority… Read more »
Heads up everyone, disinfo alert! The stuff about David Hogg not going to the school where the shooting occurred is bs. There’s videos popping up of students from the Parkland FL school showing their 2017 yearbooks and David Hogg is in it. The yearbook photo Charles is referring to about the California HS from 2015 was faked. Someone (probably working for the feds to discredit all the credible info proving this shooting was government sponsered) took the exaxt photo page from the 2017 Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS and created a fake image saying it was from 2015 at Redondo Shores HS in CA. Heres the so-called 2015 yearbook photo that was posted over at 4chan (a known disinfo site, however I’m not sure if it… Read more »

Like they couldn’t plant his picture in the 2017 yearbook? The fucker didn’t even pronounce the school right in at least one instance. I have never pronounced my high school’s name incorrectly. In fact, I have never heard anyone pronounce their high school’s name incorrectly.

I don’t think you understand, Renny. It wasn’t just Hogg’s yearbook pic. It was also MSDHS students pics that are surrounding Hogg’s photo.

The page was lifted from the MSDHS 2017 Yearbook, and a fake 2015 Redondo Shores yearbook page was created, using the same students photos from the MSDHS yearbook.

This chicanery was obviously done on purpose to make people like Charles, and everyone else saying the Parkland Florida Shooting was a false flag, look like liars and conspiracy wackos.

LongtimeListener, you bring up such an important point.
None of this extraneous stuff that may or may not be true doesn’t diminish there is WAY TOO much evidence supporting this thing was staged.
These Jew bastards must crap themselves with glee over the in-feuding & energy-wasting petty squabbling this deliberately-planted-&-intended-for-distraction BS promotes. We all have to be more vigilante & aware, no doubt.

I saw this video on another site. One of the first comments said “they even fake the fluff”.

That’s the video that David Hogg has on his youtube channel. He has the raw footage uploaded tjat he shot when he visited California last year. The scumbag who created the fake Redondo Shores yearbook photo knew that David Hogg had ties to Redondo Beach from the lifeguard video news story. And that’s why they claimed Hogg graduated in 2015 from a high school in Redondo, knowing that lazy and gullible people in the truth community would run with it without verifying if the yearbook was authentic or not, which it was not. The fraudster copied a page from the Parkland Florida high school yearbook, and put “Redondo Shores High, class of 2015” on it. The fraudster knew it would be easily debunkable because the… Read more »

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz may lose $800G inheritance from deceased parents

He’ll get his cut from the gofundme for this event.

$$$ Fiat Money?

‘Amal and I are so inspired by the courage and eloquence of these young men and women from Stoneman Douglas High School.

‘Our family will be there on March 24 to stand side by side with this incredible generation of young people from all over the country, and in the name of our children Ella and Alexander, we’re donating $500,000 to help pay for this groundbreaking event. Our children’s lives depend on it.’

‘They give me hope’: Amal Clooney praises Parkland survivors.

Trained and paid system minion of the first order.

gross… hollywood tranny’s give me the heebie jeebie’s… This whole circus is making me sick.

oh gross, r u kidding? $500K wasted on equivalent of collective ass-wiping while middle america can’t afford basic healthcare & vital screenings. great.

That’s why I said $$$ Fiat Money
All these “donations” reported by their msm are is figures on the screen. IF their actor muppets really were to donate, you know in whose pocket this money ended up. Jmho.

Leave it to Charlie to go “full auto” and blow this gun grab operation full of holes. Awesome show Charlie!

Drew Barrymore: ‘I’m so inspired particularly by the kids in Florida and the hope of this generation and the fire of change you are exuding. I am so wildly impressed that I am humbled and supportive in ways that there are no words.

‘You give me hope for my daughters and a future that is bright and brave,’ she said.

Actors totally inspired by actors? Clooney and Barrymore sound like they had just been awarded a Hollywood Academy Award of Merit and giving their acceptance speech.

The “TRUTH” finally emerges. Most sentient beings realize that Trump was “chosen” to be Prez by the “deep state”! (The Diebold machines worked overtime to place The Donald in power) Americans would have gone ballistic if Hillary had tried taking our guns, and therefore it had to be done by a Republican. Enter Donald last night at the White House .. Donald gave a very long speech about Gun control (He’s now in favor), and how weak the Republicans are to let the NRA to control their votes. Le Grande Orange is a sleeper agent to take our guns, it’s nice that it’s finally in the open. Look at the front page of today’s NyPost: “Trump up in Arms”!