Truth Hertz: Pimp Daddy Abraham’s Adventures in Egypt (6-17-19)

Charlie continues his discussion of Abraham, starting from his fleeing of India and then going to Egypt, where he pimped out his wife to the pharaoh by pretending she was his sister.

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A bit off topic but you mentioned circumcision and i feel the need to share this information. The jewish practice of circumcision of themselves and also on the gentile slaves that they owned was always cited as one of the main reasons to every ‘anti-jewish’ law that was passed by the Visigoths for many years. Europeans for the longest time knew how evil circumcision was and at times fought against it. The Selecuid empire made circumcision punishable by death as did the Roman Empire under Hadrian who he viewed circumcision as bad as castration which was also a crime punishable by death at that time. Why do jews want to spread the practice of circumcision? To distrupt long monogamous relationship is one of the main… Read more »


Good insights, great show.


I’ll bet the affliction that spread through pharaohs household was a venereal disease he caught from sarah, who got it from her husband, who was shooting blanks because of it.

Johnny Walker Read

Story of Abraham told in a context I have never heard for sure. Thank’s for opening my eyes, Sir Charles!!


In Bulgarian history we have Tsar Ivan Alexander meeting a Jewish woman named Sarah, which he met by (((coincidence))) when she was taking a bath in the river (which reminds me of The Rape of Sud by Enlil) then he divorced his wife and married Sarah. She converted and fiercely supported Christianity to the point of instigating The Church Council and forcefully converting people to Christianity. You could read up on what she did and what happened to Bulgaria after that. Long story short Bulgaria fell under Ottoman rule and you could blame her son for that.

Rev. Spooner

Charlie, at the age of 13/14 I rejected this Abrahamanic bullshit. My family is religious but I chose a non-religious woman as a wife. Today, I know this Earth can be Heaven or Hell and I do love being alive and existing.
I know you are on a mission and feel strongly about it but you will damage your health if you dont rid yourself of this anger.
All three Abrahamic religions have no spiritual core and are idiotic.
I agree with almost all you say but if you do a few breathing exercises and a bit of meditation, it will be good for you and the program you present.
With the best intentions.

Rev. Spooner


Reverend Spooner chose the non religious life? This makes no sense. And we need more anger, not less. It’s passive and complacent men who do nothing, that are allowing this to continue.
-yahgay bless you


Reverend Spooner? So what cult are you a reverend of?
Is this Michael Aquino typing here?