Truth Hertz: Pizzagate and Jack Parsons (11-21-16)


Charles discusses some new Pizzagate revelations, which implicate our “elite” in child rape and murder, and then talks about some of the occult forces that have long controlled our society, with a focus on JPL’s Jack Parsons and his depraved connections.

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Kate and Jerry McCann were involved in the murder of their own daughter. The Portuguese authorities were 100% correct when they arrested Kate and Gerry McCann on suspicion of murder. Kate and Gerry also went on holiday with 2 other doctors (the Paynes?) who are also suspected to be involved in paedophilia. At one point, one of the doctors was caught on video making a blowjob gesture suggesting that one of the young girls had given him a blowjob. The sniffer dog went to the place where the McCanns stayed and identified where the dead body had been kept. Madeleine was killed before she was reported missing. The McCanns insist that intruder stole their child, even though there is no evidence that the window was… Read more »

Clement Freud (known paedophile) was only 1km away from the McCanns. Investigators are SUPPOSED TO INVESTIGATE!

This is bullshit. You have not one iota of proof for your claims.

Reports about the crime held that two sex slavers, one russian and the other british (likely jewish) were in the area and had their boat moored nearby, and that one was seen carrying what was likely a child during the exact hours McCann was stolen.

This was before Pizzagate became some smoke and mirrors operation for god knows what.

And why would Clement Freud invite Gerry and Kate (two complete strangers) into his house only a few days after the story broke?

You’re right, I have no proof that there is a connection between John Podesta and the death of Madeleine McCann, but the investigators are SUPPOSED TO INVESTIGATE!

Two sex slavers? Yeah, they were probably at the same party as Podesta and Clement!