Truth Hertz: The Profound Power of Parasites (2-28-17)

Charles talks about how parasites are able to take over different animal species and mind control them for their own ends, drawing parallels to the jewish problem.

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Another masterpiece Charles. I find it very interesting combining this knowledge with that of the book “the biological jew” (the parasitical jew) by Eustace Mullins. Which is a masterpiece too.

Wow what great shows Charle’s has done recently. Come back to us soon after your hiatus.

Damn speal chcek

Yeah, Mike Adams isn’t a “closet Zio”… he’s OUT! I was an avid reader of Natural News for a while… untill the hasbara began creeping up… I eventually abandoned it, although it has good info, but I can’t stomach the Zio propaganda anymore.

Mike Adams is David Wolfe’s cousin. It doesn’t get much more jewy than that.

Here is a dandy one:
It can take away the natural feelings of fear in humans and rodents and turn them into atractions