Truth Hertz: Project Jew Beam (1-24-18)

Charlie talks about all of the signs in the heavens pointing to a manufactured messiah returning to dupe the masses.

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Killer of Trolls

I never could understand why people never question the bible, and don’t you think the source is biased. How did the Romans fall for this jew crap?


I would say, the Romans didn’t fall for it.. Certainly not the people, and not at first. Jewish inspired law makers and leaders hungry for power maybe, but not the people.
The virus of Christianity has taken hundreds of years to be marginally accepted…
Like Charles often points out, most ”followers” have no idea what their ”good book” even says. Who can read such maniacal crap and take it seriously?
When you print all the sheckles, you can do whatever you want.
Erect as many fancy buildings as you want, create devastating economic collapses, (or these days, manipulate the weather to destroy crop production,) and be the only one around with food and blankets… that’s just one way!
I think the writing’s on the wall… we’re heading for a Holomodor.


oh good, at least 5 of us will be somewhat ”prepared” for USSA Holomodor 2018-2022….


I argue that Australia will also be there. Something our politicians have done over the past 20 years is destroy our energy security. All of our oil refineries have been shut down and are merely holding tanks now. Our liquid fuels are now imported from Asian Mega-Refineries. As I said to someone just last night; our military carries about 180 days of fuel reserves (diesel for Ships and Army vehicles, various grades of Aviation fuel), the nation for domestic use about 90 days. No fuel = no tractors / combine harvesters / distribution from farm to market and from markets to local supermarkets and green grocers. Blockade those ports in Asia or just refuse to sell to Australia anymore and we are in a bad… Read more »


As indicated by the attached information at wikipedia below. **The use of the word “secret” in the title “Vatican Secret Archives” does NOT denote the modern meaning of confidentiality. A fuller and perhaps better translation of the Latin may be the “private Vatican Apostolic archives”. Its meaning is closer to that of the word “private”, indicating that the archives are the Pope’s personal property, not belonging to those of any particular department of the Roman Curia or the Holy See. The word “secret” was generally used in this sense as also reflected in phrases such as “secret servants”, “secret cupbearer”, “secret carver” or “secretary”, much like an esteemed position of honour and regard comparable to a VIP. These Vatican Secret Archives have been estimated to… Read more »


I’m beginning to see that if you want an explanation for UFO’s that comports with Occam’s razor, the inference of a holographic projection is the most viable alternative that you can come up with. Thanks CG.


Overspin – They’re starting to make Holograms of Holocaust survivors, because the supposed survivors are all dying now. Have you seen this?


Am getting ready to listen to the show, really enjoy Charles and would like to post this comment regarding Free Spirit. The white Europeans have undergone almost two thousand years of BS brainwashing from the cult of Christianity it will take a very long time to undo this Charles attacks it by the very words I attack it via facts as in since this religion has been institutionalized throughout all Europe and abroad it has brought forth one calamity after another and surely if this myth were true the opposite should have taken effect hence it is another fraudulent belief system that has been used to deceive and control the masses nothing more nothing less. t also has many siblings like the holo hoax to… Read more »

Allison MacPherson

When I was 7, my older brother 9, somehow got involved with religious nutters. He came home and read Revelations to me. Even though I never accepted Yahweh nor Yahweh Jr. I was still traumatized by Revelations. Until I was appx 18, if I heard an odd, loud noise, I thought it was the end of the world, even though I rejected the religion. The social engineers will count on the fact that our culture is Judeo- Christian & on some level the avg person is familiar with the stories in Revelations. Yahwism is based on trauma-based mind control. If you don’t believe, your flesh will burn for eternity. The sounds of those weird noises being recorded globally could very well be the Cabal prepping… Read more »

Rhys Vegan

Better than holograms: Scientists reveal stunning Star Wars-style 3-D projections in THIN AIR:


Yes- non-fiction in 7th gr reader with interviews of 7 people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens, selected because they were space alien believers to begin with. In the 2nd part of story, the hologram experiments being conducted by the airforce were explained- of which they were unaware. Some participants had used drugs, some were administered drugs, some placebos. They were not lying when questioned- believing this happened- but it did not really happen. All psyop! Your inflexions make your deep research of “Babel” so entertaining. I’m sorry you are almost through your notes, Charlie. Try fitting specific horrible events with religious prophecies so we can hear more- I laughed, but, like you, am disgusted and fearful.


I have been saying for years,STOP wasting your time on DISTRACTIONS and go for the HEAD of the SNAKE in Tel Aviv ……TAKE out , or at the very least ARREST the members of the House of Rothschilds

Problems will be gone withing a few months


And how will this happen Freespirit? Please impart some of this wisdom.


It’s quite simple really. Haven’t you ever played Age of Empires, Command and Conquer or Civilization? Boomers. LOL!


Accepting and leaning from rational criticism, requires maturity, which, you dont seem to have, ,judging by your comment to “Skank”…..sorry did I mis-spell ? If you are one of the MAIN hosts of this site, you do need to get a grip and learn why MAYBE, just MAYBE you will not succeed, until you learn to stop childishly assuming about and trying to outwit those who write to you site. sincerely and with possbly some knowledge to help you THINK in a way you may never have thought before. I subscribed out of a sincere wish to help with some of my 78 years of wisdom, but now I realize I am dealing with INFANTILE, Americans, seemingly fresh out of the American NON-EDUCATION system which… Read more »


You said, “TAKE out , or at the very least ARREST the members of the House of Rothschilds”. How exactly would that be accomplished? We aren’t politicians who have the opportunity to do what you’re saying. I’m not the president of the United States, so how would we accomplish this? That’s why I made the video game reference. I can’t just push some buttons and get these things done. I get it, your old and have wisdom and we appreciate you. There are you fucking happy? It’s not about YOU!


I apologize for the swearing and I’m not a host or moderator. I really need to work on that. It just sounds trashy.


“Freespirit” : Your help consists of: invade Tel Aviv and have a coup. Nice advice. When do we go?


Nate, No but I know of them. We challenge them in a battle tournament, jew v human, the prize being the Earth?


That’s funny. I’m glad somebody understands my brand of humor.


As I know your comment is that of a smart-ass typiucal AMERICAN kid, (compared to me) bordering on TROLLING, in my books so,I am sure you can figure something out, IF you try.

I am 78 and can write a book on WHAT I have done since the late 1960’s , inlcuding my family in Ireland with teh IRA, but yo dont impress me as a sioncer individual

I have dealt with your type and that of NATE, whoever he is, hundreds of times

None of you can face criticims.THAT takes maturirty


If you are saying that Renegade can’t take criticism than I ‘d say you have never listened to one show.
If you want to help with your wisdom, please write something for us on Renegade Tribune, I sure will read it.
By the way, where is it that you subscribed? I have been here for 2 years and never seen a subscription button.


Freespirit, I don’t think you can successfully complete a join-the-dots puzzle. And you prove that age does not equal wit nor wisdom, if you are 78, not 7.8 years old.


Check my original comment. I gave the answer but are you Courageous enough to put it into action?

I doubt it judging by the “Down Votes ” of seemingly young American COWARDS

All mouth and nothing else, except, as I say, to MURDER unarmed Muslim Women and children. like Israeli Jews do……….hmmmmmmmm. Could you be Jews yourselves???

Is it any wonder American military commit suicide at the rate of 1 per week or more !

Heathen vegan

This guy is a troll.

NO one who has any reasonable understanding of Renegade, knows no one here as ever promoted “murdering Muslims” let alone women and children.

I f you are not a troll, then you appear to be in the wrong place. Also this is the internet, dont act out like an 8 year old when someone upsets you. Here you are just a name and nothing else, if you want respect you earn it here, there is no carry over from the real world if you choose to be anonymous.


I think you’re right Heathen Vegan. This guy’s been yanking my chain. Then again I don’t want jump to that conclusion, but he’s accusing us of things are Govt. is doing, that we have no control over. Ridiculous!


Stop drinking free spirits on the park bench that I paid for. You are drunk, go home. The home I also probably paid for.