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7 years ago

Glad to see Charlie taking Kike Rivero to task for his part in serving as a disinformation agent / gatekeeper. The guy tells a portion of the truth, but leaves out crucial information, misdirects listeners, endorses the likes of Ron Paul and Donald Trump, and, most importantly, NEVER NAMES THE JEW. Another shill for the Jew World Order.

7 years ago

Nothing is a prophecy to me anymore, it is all a long term final plan, and that is now obvious. When you consider that this has been over thousands of years, glimmers of clues have been set up to direct this plan to certain objectives that are given away as “prophecies” and hints of the future. Then the jew charlatan comes along, acts all powerful, omniscient mystical etc, and makes a name for himself through books and public domain for his presience. When it is all just parts of a plan being fed subtly and in code to people. It is all about perception with the jew, no substance whatseover. Pure theatre and glam.

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