Truth Hertz: Pyramid Power & Biblical End of the World Hysteria (3-9-20)

Charlie wraps up his notes on how the pyramid has incredible properties and then gets into how “end of the world” panic has been going on for thousands of years.

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TO KYLE: Could you please ask Charles to send you the notes for the show he’s about to do? Then you just rename the notes accordingly, better YEAR-MONTH-DAY-TITLE, create a folder on the server, upload it there and put a link here in the description via an html tag for us to be able to download it along with the show. As it is now it’s just very inconvenient to keep asking Charles “Please send me this, please send me that…” all the time. Various people asking for the same notes – that just wastes his time and everyone else’s. If you do that that will be more of a reason for people to visit this site as well, if for some of them only… Read more »


And you’re going to pay Kyle to do this for you every week? Or do you just expect him to carry this extra burden catering for just a handful of people for free? Charles already goes above & beyond even providing show notes to listeners in the first place but does it willingly off his own back (he wouldn’t offer it on his show if not) – name another host on any network who has ever done this! How about you & the other 5 people who request them just keep doing that extra little “invonvenient” chore of sending a simple email & save family man Kyle from doing your work for you! And yes, I’m that person on the street who can’t go past… Read more »


Maybe Kyle can read the notes directly into your ear. That would be super convenient and special.


That was super helpful and special. Thank you.


You’ve missed the point entirely. The aim is to simplify the translation of Charles’ shows into other languages. Particularly the one I speak. Which would add some 2000-3000 people to Charles’ audience. Transcribing one show from audio takes up whole day, checking for mistakes in factual data – another day, polishing the text – 3rd day. That’s for just one show. (How many shows have you translated into other languages, Mrs. White Pan-Nationalist Extraordinaire?) Doing the same from text takes up about one third the time, auto translation does 30% of the job and you don’t need to search half a day for some unpronounceable Maya name or some weird title in some long quote. (Which is no burden on anybody clearly, cause I’m just… Read more »


My point stays exactly the same. You’re the one asking for extra service, not me & the world is a mess exactly because people rely too much on others for what they (think they) want. So you’re volunteering to help “Keep uniting the Whites the world over” by doing this tiny little job that takes hardly any time yourself then? Or are you still expecting Kyle to do all the shows, do articles on & maintain Renegade Tribune, maintain RB, have an actual life with his family AND look after your personal needs as well? As I see it if you want something additional to everything that Kyle is doing already then it’s time to step up & volunteer a little of your time to… Read more »


1) Not “asking for service” – making a suggestion. You’re making stuff up. 2) “Doing this tiny little job that takes hardly any time” – you should actually read what I wrote: three days of work per one show. Is asking for 40 secs of somebody’s time PER WEEK too unreasonable to halve the 5 hours I spend on one translation (and add some 2000-3000 people to the audience)? No. Again, read first, make stuff up second. 3) “look after your personal needs as well” – you’re making sh..t up for the third time. 4) “if you want something additional to everything that Kyle is doing already then it’s time to step up & volunteer a little of your time” – have you actually read… Read more »


Kyle will probably delete the whole thread, so what the heck… Your behavior, Mary, is a symptom of a much bigger problem plaguing your whole nation. You approach a person living in a tent with a camera and ask him to tell you what drove him to such a life – he yells “Eff off or I’ll call the police!” You approach a guy fishing on a shore with a camera, ask him a couple of questions, he sees the camera, asks you what this is, you say you’re a blogger, just showing what the country and the life in it is like, you talk for a minute, and right before you leave he says: “Hey do you have 10 bucks?” (You’re a blogger, so… Read more »

Foster XL

Mary was just saying what the rest of us out here were all thinking reading your comments AlexP & the downvotes just look like a simple reflection of that. She was perfectly correct with every comment & your further comments now have just solidified our opinions that it is YOU who have issues. Now you just sound like all the other shills/fakes/nutters that have come & gone over the years. We’ve seen it all before & Mary just happened to be the one who exposed you this time. As for Kyle deleting the thread – no, he usually just leaves ones like this up so we can all see what a complete dickhead you & the others make of themselves as you progressively dig yourself… Read more »


AlexP said – “Your behavior, Mary, is a symptom of a much bigger problem plaguing your whole nation.”
Did this flake just assume my nation? LOL!


Does Charlie send out a fax copy of his hand-written notes or am I missing something? Surely Charlie types out notes on his computer like the rest of us especially seeing as he’s an author of several books. That would mean his notes are “text files”. So what’s the issue? If AlexP already gets a “text file” why is he creating this storm in a teacup? This looks like distraction to me. This looks like hasbara.


@ AlexP Looks like you’re the one who missed the point of Mary’s reply altogether as she was on-target! You went on about how long it takes you to do translation manually BUT then went on to tell us how quick & easy it is to do it from a text file. What does Charlie send you? Is it not a text file? If it is then YOU could volunteer to do the quick & easy job that you want Kyle to do as you have exactly the same tools at hand as him (computer, internet, software) bar putting it on the website. If it is not then who gets to do the long job of translating the non-text notes into text? I already know… Read more »


Of course Charles would reply “Go to hell”, this is exactly what you would say to your listeners. Unfortunately he always says something else – After a bunch of such letters I thought MAYBE just maybe, since Kyle likes to post articles about slavs, talk about slavic dresses, etc., it wouldn’t be such an atrocious idea to ask for some collaboration? Content is great, we’re translating it anyway, but can we speed it up a bit? Instead of crunching your back for days, just run the text through machine translation, couple of hours on fixing errors and it’s done. We can post Charles’ stuff the same day, +2000-3000 people to the audeince. So – a question, could you guys please attach 5-10 page text… Read more »


Uhh ok.

AlexP quote – “No, too inconvenient. Ask Charles for everything you need”. “Issue” gone.”

I think it’s clear Kyle wasn’t keen reading his comments above but here you still are rattling on 10 days later. I can see now why everyone else said what they did.


Alex, are you the same guy that was trying to convince us that Palestinians were not being slaughtered? It’s hard to keep track.