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Ingrid B
8 years ago

I stopped going to church at age eighteen, considered the bible to be a fairy tale, said as much to a former colleague, who started a ten year witch hunt against me.. I told a Polish friend that I wasnt religious, she looked at me in horror and said "youre a heathen”, I said probably.. I would never knock others right to their beliefs. I have a friend in England, she was my late brothers partner for seven years. I was visiting her in England after his death, and went with her to the solicitor, to discuss his will. When we left, she was crying, we came to a church and I asked if she wanted to go in. We did, and I hung back… Read more »

free your mind
Reply to  Ingrid B
8 years ago

I leave the bible dupes alone, IF they leave me alone. But if they start that crap up with me, I let them have it with both barrels. Last month a neighbor came by and started talking about Jesus. He asked me what I thought about Jesus, and I responded, “I think he was insane”. He was a zealot who wanted to overthrow Rome for the Hebrew empire and that is why the Pharissees in charge rejected him. And he came as the messiah for the Jews only, it was Saul/Paul who sold Jesus to the Gentiles. I showed him scriptures and verse from the Torah and New Testament demonstrating evil dictates. He still drops by to visit. But I just don’t hold back anymore.… Read more »

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