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Joel Reid
11 months ago

James Corbett is a FUCKING LYING JEW!! He’s admitted himself, that he is a JEW! Although I HATE the term,….he IS controlled opposition. If you couldn’t figure that out at least 2 years ago,…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,….all the best to you,…Hahahahahaha.

Aryan Diablo
Reply to  Joel Reid
11 months ago

Yes he is a jew! Isn’t it funny that the guy who made the five dancing Israelis video never mentioned the word jew in the entire thing. Like Charlie mentioned in this episode, James does some decent reporting on certain things, but he’s basically the male version of Whitney Webb. Just another gatekeeper that keeps people in “safe pastures”.

Reply to  Joel Reid
11 months ago

Woah! I’ve been looking for this information for a while and have always suspected he was. Please, if you can post that link or at least point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Shit Lord 66
Reply to  Joel Reid
10 months ago

He’s definitely a Jew and controlled opposition

Aryan Diablo
11 months ago

The guy that called in asking about Fuentes be aware that Nick recently admitted that he had Federal informant and jew faggot Milo build his new “paywall” website. The caller sounded level-headed and well-intentioned but should be made aware that Fuentes can NOT be trusted and is a GRIFTER. By the way, Fuentes is a Sephardic surname. He is not Italian, he is a jew. You guys here at Renegade were 100% correct when you put that article out last November.

Reply to  Aryan Diablo
11 months ago

Same guy was pushing Ryan Dawson also…he walks that fine zionist line.

Robert Heimdal
11 months ago

[1.45.00] Israel is trying to picture itself as just another country “suffering” under this lockdown. A situation which their superior jews and top ranking freemasons have orchestrated. What a joke. Jews are the main beneficiaries of this debacle, this is what was promised to them in the fucking talmud. In the meantime the blame is on the “nazis” (whoever these “nazis” might be), here comes demonic-face “Amazing Polly”. What a perfect cover when you have a mass of unthinking sheeple who won’t question anything.

Last edited 11 months ago by Robert Heimdal
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