Truth Hertz: Revolutionary Rabble-Rousers (8-3-16)

Hitler VS Stalin by xposedbones

Charles finishes up his discussion on Lenin, talks about his position of Hitler being stage-managed, fields a contentious call by Kyle, and then moves on to discuss controlled opposition movements.

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So Mr Hitler held a speech at 8 pm which is an occult number. So what about 7 pm ? …..6 pm ? I am ready to be educated and corrected ……… but so much here has been thoroughly debunked. Please show me EVIDENCE for Hitler having escaped to Argentina. I have spend hours and hours on this subject lone and found nothing but ‘ heresay ‘ Rothchild money – sigh !

CG demonstrates many peculiar things in one case. I like that he learned to fire his ire, constantly, relentlessly, in the right direction:Jew-wards. But I’m unhappy he isn’t actively pro-White. This itself neutralizes much of his fire power, since if Whites fail to properly distinguish ourselves from Jews and begin pursuing our own interests alone, that can only mean continued harmful Jewish influence. And generally I myself need a more closely argued presentation that CG can usually deliver. But for those who like podcasts alongside other information, he has at least one great triumph, by which I mean his past shows on Columbine. Even if nothing else were offered in evidence against the official version of events, the brightest free-est-thinkers would know after fact-checking that… Read more »
The “Hitler Escaped to Argentina” theme (or Antarctica, Nazi Ufoes etc etc), along with the German Scientists *willingly emigrated* to the USA (and Russia) under Operation Paperclips helps to perpetuate major Jewy falsehoods infinitude’s can easily be proven false, as per my example of Viktor Schauberger below. I get tired of seeing these theories, sorry Charles ! So many German names can be falsely attributed to be “jews” “Emperor Francis I” of Austria was Jewish; “In 1787, the Austrian Emperor ordained all Jews in his monarchy to use extra German names and new German surnames. The original document was written in Old Polish. (Images of the 4-page document can be viewed in Shoreshim’s Gallery)” The numerical thing, yes fascinating, and we know how jews… Read more »

hitler escaped to argentina via submarine – sources are FBI documents recently declassified and Stalin also said Hitler escaped.

this show though, smh.. gunpowder plot 8th november?

it was 4th-5th november..

this show is released in august which is a magick occult number

Those “documents” are just a couple, of thousands of unconfirmed and bogus reports the FBI files every year. Puh-leese! Watch the interviews with his inner circle that were there at the bunker and tell me they were all either lying or duped….I won’t believe it for a second.

what interviews specifically should i watch?

There are several, but a couple that come to mind are those with Traudl Junge, Rochus Misch and Otto Günsche. There’s also a fascinating doc here: -about Karl Wilhelm Krause, Hitler’s valet from 34 to 39. He wasn’t there at the end, but nonetheless a great story.

You keep weaving the thinnest of inconsequential threads Into historic fact. You are talking about men that fought and earned the right of game changing historic figures. Nothing was handed to them many wanted to be puppet masters many tag slings and endless leaches using there coat tails to try ride a gravy train. In the end they stood up were counted fought and died for there beliefs. Not sat in a sofa making fun of the fighters in the arena of life. Any no talent turd can do that

Funny that you worked for a Jew that told you what you could and could not say. It’s why the Romans excluded actors from politics

I would encourage you to check out some books.
Mike Walsh’s Witness to History
Benton Bradberry’s The Myth of German Villainy
Deanna Spingola’s trilogy on World War II

I was looking forward to this one, lol. 🙂 Tell you one thing, I really don’t like how many in the #AltRight are making a Messiah out of the Fuhrer and that he was specifically (((Christian))) , this isn’t true in either case. From my own research National Socialism was about National Socialism, not about a man and Religion was Secondary. In fact, they soon published stuff to show just how corrupt these Church establishments were/ are and sought after the Jesuits in exposing them. The bombing campaign of Malta is noteworthy too. Did you know that on September 11th 1882, an anti-Judaic conference too place in … DRESDEN ! : Having said that, no, not All Freemasons lodges were working together, and, they… Read more »
SETTLEMENT OF JEWS. Problem of 15.000.000 Jews LONDON. February 7 1939 A Berlin advice says what the world should do with 15.000,000 Jews was blandly explained by the Reich cultural leader (Dr. Alfred Rosenberg), when addressing the foreign Journalists diplomatic corps. He rejected a settlement In Palestine on the ground that the Jews would make It a center of unrest. He opposed the distribution. Jews must be settled In a single territory, which must not be a Jewish state, but a ‘reservation’ supervised by police and a trained administration under a Governor acting on behalf of the democracies. Dr. Rosenberg Indicated Guiana or Madagascar would he most suitable for the purpose. Source Trove Newspaper archive This is historically significant for it shows the British… Read more »
It was the NS who first announced that Oil is A-Biotic, this goes against the idea of any “energy shortage” and also invented Synthetic Oil. Forgive poor translation. Viktor Schauberger – Comprehend and Copy Nature (youtube documentary does not tell the full story, one of many innovators): Life: Schauberger came from a fisherman, foresters, wood master and hunter and was born as the eighth of twelve children. Four siblings died in infancy. His parents were Leopold Schauberger and Josefa born Klimitsch. [3] After high school, Viktor Schauberger broke off the civil service and lived first a year alone in the forest. In 1904, he put the exam in as a forester. From 1914 to 1918 he participated in the First World War and in part… Read more »

altright; Jesuits; Judaic; freemasons:

Roj, like that lying fat bastard in Austin, Texas always says: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, FOLKS!

He says it cuz it lends an immediate veneer of sincerity to what he says. I say it cuz the ideas and words you re-use I know are someone elses and you haven’t checked out the claims and source behind them.

Alex Jones and his Jewish buddy (Jew from US Military, I forget his name off-hand) should have been done for “Sedition” about that “Armed March to DC” stunt they tried to pull a few years back. Thankfully, it never eventuated. Yes, I can’t stand AJ either.

It was Adam Kokesh who did the stunt with the Open Carry March on Washington DC.

Lillywhite, Kokesh, yes correct, and guess what, he’s a Tribe Member too !

It’s my opinion that Hitler didn’t want glory and worship. He wanted on at least one level in his thinking for Germans to wake up and reclaim their country. He wanted Germans to be aware of their potential and as a result of such potential whom their enemies were. He was not perfect and not the madman everyone thinks he is. Whenever, sadly, a preacher wants to invoke a madman they mention Hitler, not Stalin or Lenin.

Brits need to apologize to Germans for entering the war and fighting them. That is one thing that needs to happen. The Germans wanted to make peace over and over again and the British took the side of Communists and destroyed Germans.

Brits cannot do that for two reasons, TOcompany: 1) The ‘Brits’ are by formal definition a multi-national empire committed by logic to such anti-national wars, and are today as we were then ruled by Jews who do not permit tolerance of the nationalist Third Reich (the exemption afforded Israel is no more odd than a typical ruler’s claimed benefits). You or I don’t decide what’s needed, Jews do.. You may as well ask the ‘universe’ to apologize. Plus, the Germans need no apologies, nor do other Europeans require an apology for the centuries-long German incubation of this Ashkenazi (German-Jewish) poison in our midst. They just need an opportunity to see that Jews, not other Europeans are their enemy today and tomorrow. We are all in… Read more »

Churchill was an ethnic jew. the British were just kept in the dark and fed on shit.

You are so full of mistakes all the time Charles, and yet you sound so sure about all the bull shit that comes out of your mouth. Do you really think that Hitler wrote everything you read in Mein Kampf today. Go get some real knowledge instead of following the rumors that the jews lay out for you.

Why do you have to insult Charles?

Because Charles is insulting Hitler who did nothing wrong. We have been supressed since WW2 because of all the lies that Charles also believes in.
I know Charles is a good man but ir’s not acceptable to be that ignorant on this network

Do you think everything Charles quotes from an 1960 English translation was written by Hitler?

These awkward quotes aren’t in any NSDAP approved German or English edition.

Charles should validate the authenticity of his research before publishing it. Reading his highschool notes from 30-40 years ago without reviewing them over, is really sloppy.

And he accuses us Hitler fanboys of clinging to dear old worldviews. Looks as if he’s projecting here. It is him, clinging to his High School thesis, of which he prolly got an A+ and petted over the head by his jewy/cuckservative teacher.

I think it’s very well possible to be pro-White, Jew-wise, and compassionate toward other people (without being a cuck of course), and pro-NS without feeling the need to have positive or negative views on Hitler. We can learn a lot from the mistakes of our ancestors.
I’m sure CG is all of them.
I enjoy and learn heck of a lot from Renegade because of intelligent and genuine people who look at events from different points of views.

And to further point out why the kikes cannot be negotiated with, they NEVER intended to cooperate in that stoopid transfer agreement. Are you kidding me?

They would never have been satisfied to leave Germany and allow Europe to survive unscathed. No Way!

That would not give them the POWER they hungered for. But again you are blindly accepting the false history we’ve been fed…Talk about being duped……

PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! that’s all I got for ya….

I’m a little late with this comment….but here it is: FBI worshippers [commandeered by cross dressing faggots and kikes] remind me of bible dupes…hehe As well, I will be ETERNALLY grateful to Hitler for his noble and generous gesture of allowing the trapped soldiers on Dunkirk Beach to be evacuated allowing my father to escape that hellhole so that I might be born. The major lesson we learn from Hitler is to NEVER treat the jews as if they are an honorable opponent. We must give them NO QUARTER…NO MERCY. They are the soft spoken backstabber and should NEVER be negotiated with. Hitler was defeated by the JEWS. Rosenfeld, Churchill and Stalin…..All Jews! Also Charles it was really offensive the way you kept cutting Kyle… Read more »

I’m a little late with this comment….but here it is:
FBI worshippers [commandeered by cross dressing faggots and kikes] remind me of bible dupes…hehe