Truth Hertz: Ridiculous Rules in the Bible (8-30-16)


Charles wraps up his Biblical discussion for now by talking about some of the absurd and evil requirements in the good book.

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Juden Raus

The unHoly Bi-Bull is jewish hate speech. ~Yukon Jack

The Bible sucks. Jews suck. Fuck them all.

free your mind

Another great show Charles. The scriptures and verses in the bible, which sanctified slavery were a major cause for continuing the practice of slavery in the United States. The Jews were heavily involved in the profiteering of slavery. For example, Jewish owner of a 140-slave plantation, Judah P. Benjamin, was secretary of state for the Confederacy. His picture is engraved on Confederate currency. Of course when this well documented, information was released via the book, Isn’t it ironic that the Jews were largely responsible for bringing blacks to U.S. and then later stirred them up with their Jew created NAACP? And how about the latest twist, the globalist criminal George Soros funding the subversive Black Lives Matter, the goal being an outright race war? Well… Read more »

free your mind

Please excuse the grammatical error in my comment. It is always good to proof read a comment before posting. hahaha! Much good to ALL Renegaders despite the insanity.

free your mind

Thanks for the information, it is well appreciated in the ongoing disclosures. However, I must say I do bristle at the constant effort of many to classify this struggle as a Christians against Jews paradigm. As I stated in the above comment, our Europan ancestors did not just roll over and accept Yahwism. It took appx 1000 years! It was a gradual and extremely violent process, that wove through the Dark Ages, in which only the elite and priestly class could learn to read and write, and the horrendous implementation of the Malleus Maleficarum or Hammer of Witches. Innocent Europans were accused of witchcraft or wizardry, arrested, brutally interrogated and then sadistically tortured by the most insanely evil torture devices ever created. Many innocent people… Read more »


You have no idea what you are talking about. The west as we know it was held together by a less then perfect glue but without it there would be no global idea of one man equal to another or a mans word being his bond as an oath was stronger then any paper a woman not a whore of a her am but a lady to be venerated. Or as happenstance showed you could have the west being warring Vikings burning down civilization rapping robbing and plundering all the lands so that no man dare farm build or read of better days to come. You can have a thousand pagan clans fighting for rule while the Jews rule real world established western institutions gutted… Read more »


I do not take offense at anything except for cartoon versions of history or mocking of the achievements of men and the reasons behind them askew for glory to another. Rome concurred and subjugated the European content stomping out much of the tribes and there beliefs. When the empire fell there was a vacuum of power an overturning of previous order power and economic influence. None of that had a bit to do with Christians. Men were still free though but might makes right and those that knew how to build the things we take for granted were ignored rejected and withered on the vine as then like now debouching society pleasure seeking practices took hold. Not one of you could replace any part of… Read more »

Juden Raus

Christ-Insanity sucks, big time. Christ-tards might as well be fucking jews.


Lol that was Cesar “the pagan”

“Destruction of the Library of Alexandria 48BC


So if the moon landing is fake ipso facto there are secret pagan vaults in the Vatican and secret blood lines from Jesus secret love child.

The facts we know as facts not fantasy but actual books you can still read today copying by Christians hands because most “pagans” had no system of writing in the west but crude pictragraphs not much more sophisticated then 20,000 year old cave scribbling. Books cost lots of time and money with few willing able or caring enough to do it.

That said man is not perfect and strives for power in this world to abuse others nothing has changed knowledge is freely available but few seek it


Christians are not Jews under Jewish laws and rituals. Neither are seventh day Adventist Christians but more masons in beliefs as Charles demonstrates as often as possible. They twist doctrine to suit needs as is common so common in fact the Hebrews were continually punished and enslaved for being more evil then all there neighbors. The bible is a tale of the failure and greed of men and a better way before a reboot. FYI “Judah P. Benjamin” stole the confederate gold and fled to London to be knighted by the queen. They want this nation broken up into bite size parts to feed on none being strong enough to resist. Good breakdown on the Jews in civil war kkk and the like also trumps… Read more »

Killer of Trolls

Hail Odin, put all jews to the sword and burn the banks! Slaughter in the synagogue!

Steve L

Where exactly is Odin ?

Steve L

A thumbs down for asking a simple question lol – how can we ‘hail Odin’ if i don’t know where Odin is ?


That is the real problem when competing for ideas and ideals. There is no such thing as a “pagan vision for the world/mankind” past the Jewish mystery secret society death cults. You have to offer people more then “you suck the world sucks if I was in charge I’d kill all fat people and stop people from believing what I don’t understand” Lay out a belief structure that can withstand 2000 years of men trying to find logical fault in. Put up lay it all on the line “hail oden ” who what when where why? This is reason on pagan gods many inconsistencies and failings laughably so over 1500 years ago “Saint Augustine (354-430) City of God Translated by Marcus Dods Book VII Chapter… Read more »

Eirikr Hákonsson

You’re not going to get anywhere pushing the Christian poison here and you ought to know that by now. You also need to brush up on your history as in the case of your reply regarding Caesar and the fire of 48BC because there were other attacks on the library and the information contained therein by both Christians and Muslims. Open a book besides the Buy-Bull every once in a while.