Truth Hertz: The Ritualistic Rape, Torture, and Murder of Children (12-30-16)

Charles talks about numerous examples of the people who rule our world being caught in trafficking children for ritualistic reasons.

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Happy New Year to Charles and all of his callers. I did not know that Cathy O’Brien testified in front of the U,S, Senate, and will try to find a copy of her testimony. Excellent broadcast, and I feel your pain about the topic of this show, Charles; it matches mine. The children are our future.

This YT vlogger found a certain pedo-victim-grooming “children’s book” written by a NYC jew, 24 mins but you can skip the last ~3 mins:

“YOU DECIDE | Children’s Book – SECRET PIZZA PARTY | #Pizzagate”

Becomes esp interesting when considering this Apr 2016 story:

“Mayor de Blasio reads ‘Secret Pizza Party’ to Queens kids — and the plot mirrors the fund-raising probe he’s caught up in”

“Secret Pizza Party” @ amazon, with 178 reviews,

author (((Adam Rubin’s))) page; check his other pedo “children’s books” & his image (eww!),

hello charles, this is an incredible show & thank you! have you ever read or hear about the dozier reform school for boys in florida? it was shut down for some brutal acts & murder.