Truth Hertz: Rollie Reviews Media Mind Manipulation (5-9-18)

Charlie is joined by Rollie Quaid and then also Richard to discuss a wide variety of topics, such as: current events, the royal Rosemary’s Baby, the hologram holocaust, manipulative movies, comic books, and more.

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What the hell did I just hear? israel is in the Eurovision Song contest as a contender…… Yes you heard me correct.

Rollie Quaid

Got article coming up about it, did you listen to the chicken song that Israel’s singer Netta Barzilai aka Netta celebrates with the trophy after winning the final of the 63rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, on May 12, 2018.


No I didn’t watch it because I get too mad and it was late. Just the fact that they were in it pissed me off, which is another sign that the kike is feeding its way into casual life through the sludge media that everyone sucks up. I did see the fat black haired whore of babylon celebrating their “win” OH WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED that Occupied Palestine won. And for some very “bizarre” reason, Austria in 2nd place was represented by a nigger, which is just as bad as a transvestite kike from last year. I don’t care about the EV song contest in the slightest, but what sludge they are pushing through it.

Dares Dutch

I really enjoyed this show:-) Thanks guys

Rollie Quaid

Thank you for listening. Be sure to check out my daily blog on, The same post go onto Renegade Tribune.


You always got good stuff m8


Hi Charlie. Listening to the show now. Was wondering if you had seen this yet.