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7 years ago

good show charles. keep it up. good anaolgy of a bible defender to a monty python movie LOL, so true

Charles VS bible Defender —

7 years ago

Restore, guys. Restore. It’s really not difficult. The first few weeks are kind of tough if you were cut tight, but after that it’s a breeze. Just put your stretching device on and go about your day’s business. In two years, you’ve got a foreskin — not perfect but infinitely better than your pathetic stump. Say a big ‘Fuck you’ to Yah-tard and restore your manhood.

7 years ago

That baby is anti-semitic for finding the experience traumatic. Such terrible anti-sematism.

Reply to  Skylgarir
7 years ago

But rabbis need not worry, the feeling will go away when the child grows up into a full fledged jew.

Reply to  DDT
7 years ago

That picture is fucking wrong. The child’s face is purple. Pretty fucked up how it is made into some religious obligation so some rabbi can get some suki suki. And these cancerous wretches have the nerve to demand money from Europe for these lies. Let’s pull the plug. 110th time, lets make it forever.

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