Truth Hertz: The Secret Destiny of America (11-22-17)

Charlie finishes up his notes on Franklin and then gets into the vision Manly P. Hall “illuminates” in his works, and how the American plan has always been to create a world system of government and create Israel.



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I have to strongly disagree with Vinny. We are not all the same. If we all started with dark skin and then became white then explain why brown and black people have white palms and soles of their feet. I don’t care where we started so much as where we’re going. There’s a Black Nationalist (he does security work for Farrakhan) that I talk to on a regular basis. He started telling me how we all started black and came out Africa. My response: yes, but we’re the new and improved model.


Tony, we’ve been genetically altered and are a shell of our ancestors. Even once Jews are expelled for 110th time (or whatever number you come up with), there’s so much havoc to reverse it’s staggering. But we have no choice. What else are we going to do? We CAN turn this around. It’s going to be a struggle. There can be no greater purpose for each and everyone of us than to contribute to a better world.


I don’t know what you mean by genetically altered but I agree that we are devolving. When so many of our people are like Vinny and don’t care if we go extinct. Anyone that can’t see that loving your own people and wanting to preserve them is not synonymous with hating others is not Jew Wise but has succumbed to their propaganda. As a matter of fact such people are not wise at all.


It’s a reference to vaccines and to how genes modify themselves based on environmental conditions and mind control. Jews create vaccines using very disgusting and esoteric ingredients that White people then have injected right into the bloodstreams of their infants and children.

White people trust the system because White people still somehow believe it is on the level and that it is not an evil Jewish empire conspiring against them and their families. This is because Jews have completely mind controlled our people. When you first begin to wake up, the truth is shocking, and it gets worse and worse the more you know.


Another point I would like to make is that if I come across two people playing chess I don’t waste any time trying to figure out how they got to their present position. I only focus on who has the advantage going forward.


Tony, we have the advantage as long as we have the courage to speak the truth openly. Too many of our people are cowards afraid of compromising their shekel piles. With the truth on OUR side, we should be the ones taking the offensive and forcing these lying Jews to expose themselves before the world as the big-lying mass murdering, secret-society conspiring, religious extremists that they are. The low level useful idiot “Jewish people” need to called out as well for supporting their evil shot callers.


Low level useful idiot Jews have no incentive to speak out except maybe in Israel. Jews have historically been evicted from countries en masse. If they speak out they face the wrath of their own people plus the host population. Say the top Jews are powerful but the host population is still somewhat in control. A Jew speaking out might be safe for a while. If Jews get the upper hand he is screwed. If host population evicts all the Jews he is doubly screwed. It’s easier for them to just shut up and take the shekels whether they like what their tribe is up to or not. Francis Yockey wrote about the Jews in America starting to assimilate decades ago. Then along came Israel… Read more »


Hey Charles, how about addressing vaccines as well?
This video should go ‘viral’. Every woman in the world should view this.

As for democracy, you’re totally right about it being the greatest weapon of the evil empire. Average people have been mind controlled to serve evil and turn against life…..
What they call life is increasingly, in slowly boiled frog fashion, its demonic antithesis.


A very important show Charles. No more illusions needed. Truth Hertz! Eric Thomson came to the same conclusion. He once mentioned that wherever Masons show up, the population loses. The War has been on Americans the entire time!

The “Key” used with Benjamin Franklin’s demonstration that, Lightning is Electricity: I wonder if Franklin himself knew why he was Told to use a “Key”? I think not because he was just a Social Status Climber. The “Key” is not “Symbolic”, but a message of sorts, that is, to understand what Electricity is, you must Understand “where it comes from” and that you can manifest it yourself from .. “Nature is Free Energy”, provided from Nature. My guess is that Tesla himself saw this “Key” for what it truly meant and gave him the Impression that the United States was the place to go when freeing the World from any Reliance on Energy from a specific source of Control, because an Energy Revolution was about… Read more »