Truth Hertz: Secret Semitic Signs (5-2-16)


Charles discusses all of the secret signaling that goes on not only today in the mass media, but throughout history with the “royal” families of Europe and other important figures.

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Mindspam time again! Continuing on another note, I think this has to do with this place being Hell, and that ‘they’ are using this knowledge to keep us trapped here. How and why we are here is another topic for debate, but not to digress too far, this is all a great inversion. Their matrix must be completely permeated and air-tight by their tricks for the illusion to hold, which is why they have institutionalised EVERY aspect of natural life: socialising go to a bar, work go to you job, banks, food go to a supermarket, and guess who owns them all?…. They have a man at every corner of the field. This just occured to me today, that they must funnel us into every… Read more »


At 48:05did you say Phoeneme? If so that word also means: the smallest element of sound or gesture. Interesting to not that this is the prefix of phonics, phone, pho-enetics…. and also Pho-enecian. After all the Phoenecians were the inventors of cuneform writing. It all links to music and sound, the Phoenecians being an early render of the Tribe.

They are the manipulators of sound and sign: movies, hollywood, music industry…. They are all priests and illusionists. They are using phonics to cast their spell, a modern form which is through the entertainment media, worship at the altar of TV. It wouldnt surprise me if those words have hidden meanings we overlook. The connections are ostensible.


Vav or… wave? As in sound wave, vibration. There is a lot to the heeb alphabet, which I believe they stole from somewhere. This all essentially comes down to the manipulation of perception, that is what their ‘power’ is: the appearance of power through perception deception i.e. Wizard of Oz. CG if you are ever interested there is a guy called Dan Winter that was sued by some juze over the exploration of the hebrew ‘flame letters’ that had something to do with creating gravity in the DNA. I am really skimming over this so I urge anyone else interested to check this guy out. Again critical thinking active.


Yeah thats the cloven hoof sign of the baphomet goat god lol

Leila Abdelmeguid

Sheen is “sh” in Hebrew. Vav is “v”… may have been pronounced “w” in ancient times.


another problem i have with hitler is how he was reported to have a copy of one of blavatskys books by his bed, what are your thoughts on this charles? if you have covered this in a previous show? regardless you are doing great work, keep up the sterling effort


Aaand another thing, on Prince, check out this video, the guy decoded old Muppets episode where prince was cameo’d on, and points out all the connections i.e. getting into the elevator etc. There is a longer video which he does which is insane in what he picks out and the numerology that connects to it. Well worth watching for anyone else who is interested.


I’ve heard the bit about Hitler having Blavatsky’s book by his bed as well.. How do we know it’s true? Suounds a bit too perfect of a smoking gun….contrived.


What would be the problem if he did ?


Bible-thumping “end times” goyim fruitcakes are as deluded as money-grubbing, racist Jews.
We’re dooooooomed.

Leila Abdelmeguid

Also, I’m really looking forward to your future show on Al- Saud “royal family” being Jews! I knew it!!