Truth Hertz: Semitic Satanism, Recondite Ravens & Deceitful Duality (10-12-16)


Charles talks about the ever-increasing normalization of “Satanism” and all that it entails, the meaning of Ravens to cultures around the world, and how dualistic thinking is used against us. Music list

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7 years ago

Good show Charlie. Thanks

7 years ago

Children and back chat: Thanks to the (((United Nations))) Emancipation Laws introduced in the 80’s, you can’t discipline your own children. If you do so, especially in public, some brain dead SWJ will report you for abuse.

7 years ago

There are some Ravens that were installed in the Royal Abode Tower of London after Cromwell, which, as it turns out, is when the name “Jew” first became apparent using the relatively new letter “J”. This was after the first and official KJV Bible.
The implication of Raven Statues in the Tower of London is, if they are removed, all Hell breaks loose, which implies symbolically, booting the Jews, and this is what is pretty much what is going on or is planned. Prophecy.
The Guy Fawks Mask of course, is another one of the tribes creations, you can buy these things from various outlets which includes WalMart.

7 years ago

Regarding flames appearing above preacher’s heads, I am reminded of the Pepper’s ghost technique in visual effects. the first known description of this technique dates to the 16th century in the book ‘Magia Naturalis’ (

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