Truth Hertz: Serial Killers (3-30-16)


Charles discusses the many serial killers throughout the years and how such a disproportionate amount are jewish.

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I would recommend the book “programmed to kill”, which in essence relates that the media vision of serial killers is a total hoax of hollywood. The serial killers are either stooges or assassins for the satanic j0o network and that pretty much on all occasions more than one person was involved in the killing which was ritualistic in nature. Not to mention that the police, fbi and cia were involved as a whole operative network, and the people they killed had ties to these institutions one way or another. So it’s not as ‘random’ as they make out to be. Great show as always.

Leila Abdelmeguid

Just wanted to add… about the world “elite”, that Giuliani had mentioned at the beginning of the program… There is an Israeli company with the name “Elite”, it produces many food and snack items such as coffee, chocolates ect. Very, very well known in Israel. So, I had always wondered if the word had Jewish origins, turns out it does!

Thanks for all of the great work! !