Truth Hertz: Shunning Society & The Unabomber (1-11-17)

Charles talks about his experiences with former friends and how he was ostracized for his views, then he gets into the famous case of the Unabomber and all the oddities surrounding it.

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free your mind
4 years ago

I love CG’s rants, no one rants quite like CG. Perhaps he will one day divulge how he woke up to the bible being fake. Good show, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought at the time the Unibomber made some good points. Thanks Renegade!

4 years ago

me three I love CG’s rants, no one vote for rants quite like Bibi

Tom booze
4 years ago

Those amusement rides.They don’t amuse quoting worse than to go on the tilt a whirl at the carnival and to be called a pussy by 8 year olds!Stay on the bench

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