Truth Hertz: Slaying the Yahweh Monster (12-14-17)

Charlie demonstrates clearly that the great “God” of the Bible is a psychopathic monster who is rightly viewed a as devil by many people around the world.

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Tony Edward

Charles’ research is 2nd to none, I would have no clue how to dig up the facts he presents on his shows and I’m no piker. Charles also can do 2 hour shows 5 days per week with relative ease and ask any radio host that’s no simple task. Charles is a natural born teacher. But let’s not thank god for him we might get consumed in the fiery pits of hell!

Tony Edward

Had to share this………….. would make a great guest for kyle


All this “coming of the messiah to save us” shit is thoroughly a jew concept. It is just an extension of their snivelling wretchedness, waiting for the day some made-up superman to come and sweep them up and lay them on a silk couch among gold artefacts while they lie there in permanent orgasm being served by 2800 gentiles each, or some shit like that. The White man takes it upon himself because he is the Super-man unfortunetely the christidiocy has seeped into the bone marrow of our people and the jew within yaps and quacks to their minds and they also worship the flying kike to come and wash their panties and take them to the 5th dimension. Abolish the jew.

dennis ward

Well said my friend, well said! ;-))>



The Bull

Great comment, smart and insightful it gave me a laugh!




Well said, two thousand years of brainwashing is hard to undo but it can be done.


Each successive instance of Yaweh-slaying gets more and more devastating. Rip and tear!


The only time it will get old is when it is gone for-ever.


I would love to see Charles on as a guest speaker at a church for a Sunday service. That would be priceless.


Great program, now I want that manuscript to tell the Christ tards the facts. Email to


Can’t wait for the book, put me down for a copy brother

pj sinatra

Ok, show me what you can do about Historical shills with platform lying on youtube. I see now why I’m getting an influx of spam about how irrelevant Renegade is after listening to shows in which Kyle isn’t involved in. Let me know how you fair trying to debate Dan Carlin on his assessment of WW1 and WW2. Break out your tactical knowledge, I’m sure that’s as magnificent as your religious text efficacy. We know you have excuses for not being on Twitter and FB. Excuses for not reading Mein Kampf, excuses for opposing George Linconln Rockwell. Youtube hasn’t blocked you. Show your faces. Defend the Reich.

pj sinatra

Now this was just downright funny it was so ignorant. My favorite part of the show description is “rightly viewed by many people around the world…” Well, since you’re profoundly ignorant and don’t realize cherry picking is logical fallacy, I wouldn’t expect you to understand Jesus’s role in Islam. So essentially, Charlie, your “many people around the world” are directly opposed to the billions who are Christian and Muslim. You didn’t know that, did ya? Yeah, sorry Charlie. I’m not going to explain the Bible and covenants to you and how they work, simply because I can tell you haven’t read Mein Kampf and sound like foul mouthed degenerate Jew from Massachusetts. We’ve already established you couldn’t fight in the 3rd Reich unless you kept… Read more »


There’s no need to explain the bible to Charles. You might want to try reading it with your head out of your ass. Then you’ll realize that Charles made his points by directly quoting the unholy book of lies and nonsense.

The only reason to be reading the bible is to debunk it or to work out how it’s words and structure have such a powerful hold on people.

It’s the same reason some people have trouble accepting certain people they hitherto had followed as being shills or bought out to a large degree, like David Duke, Andrew Anglin(before he was strongly anti-woman) etc., because some things they say are so true it’s almost blasphemous to go against it. And many things they say are true. And also because most of the people who follow them are mostly concientious intelligent people, so they know when someone is speaking the truth but their not so knowledgeable sometimes with all that’s said and that’s how Alex Jones has such a huge following, people have to keep digging both externally and internally. Obviously it isn’t too hard to get to the essence of an issue if you… Read more »