Truth Hertz: Solar System Synchronicity & Patterns in Nature (8-9-18)

Charlie talks about the buzz about Buzz, finishes up his notes on the how the solar systems is filled with interesting ratios that show a deep connection between the planets and other celestial bodies, and then gets into how the golden ratio and other geometric shapes are found in the natural world.

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I hope people engaged in flatearth/globe controversy realize how silly they seem from the outside.. I personally think there are some serious red flags and at this point do not rely on the whole globe theory PER SE, but we don’t yet have hard proof for verification yet which brings me to the main point: even IF the flatearth theory is true I don’t know what practical difference that really makes in day-to-day living. Can we please stay focused on jews who are behind NASA, Hollywood, Freemasonry, and who the DOD which prevents us from exploring Antarctica to find answers? It still goes back to the root problem, because in order to convince people you’re going to have to gain power over the institutions which… Read more »

spiral universe…great show Charles, must a tough listen for the stubborn flatearth believers, then again it’s just another ‘belief’ to hang on too.

Believe in a spinning ball as much as you like but water will never curve. There is not ONE example in nature where you could see such behaviour of water.

Ball-tards are as gullible as Bible-tards.

that’s not an argument at all. here: try figure out the different times of sunsets when you call with friends&clients around the world. not a ‘belief’ but a clear answer.

I know that Renegade folks tend to be intelligent but just how anyone can believe in this flat earth “theory” is beyond me. I can understand that people have become sceptical about just about everything because we have been lied to so often but “flat earth” is too much.

well please do take some credit, Renegade was instrumental to propagate these ‘new found facts of a flat earth’.

I wasn’t trying to make an argument, Ball-tard. I was merely stating the fact that ball-tards, like Bible-tards, are gullible dupes. Because an “authoritative source” tells the ball-tard he is spinning at 11,000 mph, he believes it. That is, without question, gullibility.

‘fact’. yeah whatever. keep ‘believing’ then.