Truth Hertz: Solomon & the Hebraic Hijacking of Egypt (7-16-19)

Charlie continues his notes about the hidden Hyksosian takeover of Ancient Egypt and who the Solomon of the Bible actually was.

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1 year ago

Note the distinctive features of the skulls. Ignore the ziontific artwork.

Johnny Walker Read
1 year ago

Has anything changed in 3500 years? Uhhh-No

1 year ago

Men inject themselves with premarin ( estrogen harvested from the urine of tortured pregnant mares) to “transgender” their features and grow imitation breasts. Wouldn’t be a surprise if the excretion-obsessed tribe noticed the hormonal effects by the time of ankhnaten.

The story of Absalom could be a details-twisted story of hatsepsut trying to prevent tutmose III from the throne. Notice the references to Absalom’s lovely hair ( probably blonde or ginger since she was white) and her father (David) ordering his men not to touch her ( him in the Bible) in any way.

Reply to  Selma
1 year ago

Is this where Premarin comes from? Sickened and depressed me to hear that & of course I don’t doubt it. I remember this stuff being approved back in the early to mid 90s or so, by Astra Zeneca if I’m not mistaken…the name bugged me as it contains my last name in it. Ohhhh I have so much more to learn and will forge ahead in this bittersweet journey.

Reply to  Danielle
1 year ago

A bittersweet journey indeed. How true the saying that to increase knowledge is to increase sorrow! But it is in our nature to explore, and the sweetness of knowledge tempers the bitter.

1 year ago

What is Charlie’s email addy again…I really want the notes for this one…it’s bittersweet learning more about this history…more of my veils are falling, which I love, having pieces fall into place…but it is also quite sickening at the same time…thanks.

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