Truth Hertz: Standing Up In the Midst of the Madness (5-5-20)

Charlie keeps up with the most recent developments with the fake crisis that is enabling our “overlords” to enact their agendas.

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A fellow calls in and makes the accurate statement that National Socialist Germany had the best economic system back in the 1930’s. This is true, but Charlie says he’s not a fan of Adolph Hitler. Yet it was Hitler’s leadership that produced the best economy. Charlie is always mentioning the mendacity of the tribe, which is also true. Who in history was adamant with warnings of the tribe – Adolph Hitler. No one’s asking you to idolize Hitler, but surely you should be able to speak on what Hitler’s NS did for the country economically and socially. Otherwise another good show.

Robert Heimdal

Good comment Steve. Adolf Hitler had some of the best people in Germany working on his side:

‘Gottfried Feder and The Fight Against Interest Slavery’ (July 23, 2016) Renegade Tribune


I agree what the hell is Charlie’s problem saying he’s not a fan of Hitler? Does he realize what network he’s on?

Daniel M Deblasio



he may be a jew ! charlie jewliani . hmm hmm???


I found his promotion of Savage very confusing. Why use an anti White jew to state the truth when Charlie can just speak it himself?

Foster XL

Yes, and then listen to “Diane” who calls in at 15′ 30″. She was all over the place! She “used to listen” to Savage “very faithfully” & she thought he was wonderful until she found out he was a “bigtime jew”. She goes back & forth like a confused rat & slips in 1 or 2 things during that call that made her sound like more than just a “confused goy”. Go back & have a listen. In fact if I have to be blunt just about all the callers on this particular show sounded like (((actors))) including our old friend Tony. The “communist manifesto” guy, while being cut short by Charlie after getting out quite a bit of his crap even prompted Charlie to… Read more »


Yeah, I think Charlie forgot that some of the pillars of communism include the establishment of a central bank and the complete destruction of the family structure. I do not see how these two can lead to any good, even in a “ideal world”.

Daniel M Deblasio

True, but the Nazi party was funded by the Warburg family. So did the Nazi party vehemently oppose Jewish finance? I do not think so. Idk, why would third reich borrow money from the Warburg family?


There’s not a lot of substance to the Warburg or Bush connections to the NSDAP. To casually dismiss everything the NSDAP actually did, because of a rumor with no proof, makes no sense.

You say: “So did the Nazi party vehemently oppose Jewish finance?”

Jewish Finance is built on the lie that those who do nothing but move money around should inherit the Earth. National Socialism taught that the Wealth of a Nation is in it’s People, their Labor, and the Nation’s Resources. So yes the NSDAP vehemently opposed Jewish Finance, and not just with words.


ohi weehh, another one

Robert Heimdal

“Do as I say, not as I jew”: While hypocrite agents like this “scientist” break their own tyrannically-imposed covid-rules the (((CIA))) fails another attempt at a coup d’état in Venezuela today. Of course those CIA mercenaries were wearing no masks to supposedly “protect themselves”. The Venezuelan army provided them with some masks “just in case”.

‘Scientist Whose Doomsday Models Sparked Global Lockdown Resigns After Breaking Quarantine To Bang Married Lover’ (May 5, 2020) The Telegraph

Foster XL

This Telegraph article is EXACTLY the kind of thing you can use to get a spark going in friends & relatives who normally just “go along to get along”. Not saying it will work on all of them but it will work on the more intelligent ones who are normally just a bit scared to step off that straight line 😉 Spread it & show what completely vile degenerate creatures these people are!


Other news today: 264.000 covid19 global deaths.
That’s 0.000033 % chance if you’re over 70….
Global yearly flue deaths: 1.2 million. Let that sink in.
These are the official numbers. All logic has been turned upside down.

Robert Heimdal

You know what this means: California County to remove COVID-19 patients from homes to be placed in “other kinds of housing”. Meet people like (((Dr.Levin))) and (((Barry Zimmerman))) who also discuss “the need to hire contact tracers”. With all these people out of work I guess they are going to have an unending supply of candidates. Say you love these jews…

‘Coronavirus: Ventura County officials expand testing to symptomatic, some asymptomatic people’ (May 4, 2020) by KTLA 5

Steve the bicyclist

Sad about Charlie not being a Hitler fan. I wonder what’s up with that? My bet is on the “one man as a hero” thing. Sort of like Hitler as jesus? (Instead of us doing it for ourselves, we wait for a leader?) I would be disappointed if it was some other reason.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, they demand blood tests!


Charlie thinks Hitler was controlled by the jews.


Is Charlie leaving Renegade?