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7 years ago

Theres is an anti-civilization/green anarchy author, John Zerzan, who has visited and talked to Kaczynksi in prison. If one were to look at the World Economic Forum website with their global agenda for the fourth industrial revolution, being a luddite is more appealing than ever.

Agree that all these people who are to be painted negatively in our society always come out with some “manifesto” who’s ideas the public then links with being a terrorist and a murderer. Dylan Roof’s recent trial, manifesto, and the media continuously repeating “racist”, “white nationalist”, “Rhodesia” being another example.

7 years ago

Charles I feel just the same as you describe. It is very hard to enjoy life while you realise how engineered it all is. The moments with my wife and kids at the table, sometimes in tears of laughing; that are the things making it worthwhile. But as soon as you go outside and meet other people, and you realise how far they are ‘gone’, it gets very depressing. Best regards, Jan

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