Truth Hertz: The Subversion of Ancient Egypt with Classic Jew Tactics (4-5-18)

Charlie gets into another tale of how jews tried to regain influence in Egypt, this time with vizier Ramose, who wanted to bring back Atenism and destroy the identity and economy of the Egyptian people. The story involves the war with the sea people, relates to Joseph’s tale, and can be seen playing out in our world today.

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Ghost Man O; War

Your show is fantastic. I’ve been a fan for about 5 years or so. You’re the iron man of talk radio. No one else comes close. They don’t. It’s self evident. I see very few things differently. But 100% of anything that means anything at all. I’ve studied for 40 years nearly. I was the kid who read the encyclopedia when he was a kid, but wouldn’t tell my friends because they could barely read. hhahhahaa Just kidding. I was just in the right (or wrong) places in my life it would seem. It’s a long story. I’ve laid a trail to your show in many places. Take it easy ol’ slugger. Great show. We are in a race with old Man time and his… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Oh, Chas baby. Moses means “from”. Ra moses would be “from Ra”. You had it nailed, as usual.

Danny Torrance

Happy Birthday Charlie, you have many more to come sir. Thank you for yet another informative broadcast. I’m still catching up on your previous broadcasts, but I can’t help skipping ahead for a bit. I find the economy of this era fascinating so I’m really enjoying this.


I just recently found out that the main song that is used for Truth Hertz intro is called “Fight the Good Fight” which is a quote from… the BUY-BULL (Bible), it also contains lyrics such as “The Good Book says it’s better to give than to receive”


The only mistake any nation has made is not terminating the jew fucking plague on sight. Lets be real about this. You cannot allow it any leeway. Total annihilation is the only solution. The real sticker is getting people to understand the gravity of the factor that they are putting on us and what we have to do to stop it.


What you say is 100% true, but good luck. Good fucking luck. The peep holes (people) are largely incapable of waking up due to severe neurological damage from fluoride, chemtrails, heavy metal poisoning, toxic additives in “food”, an absolutely 100% corrupted “food” supply in general and I could go on and on with the list. Good fucking luck.


Wow, I actually had this thought today. Given that there are only few who are willing to consider their context. I mean, I myself am not particularly special nor particularly exceptional. But I really do wonder about this place we are in. That despite the jew, we have failed to really let the guillotine fall on this consummate toxoplasm. Id the jew only a success because of our failure? I really do wonder if this place we are in is Hell, like CG has alluded to. I am not going to play happy spackers, but the rules of nature really do bias on the scumbag. Make of it what you will, but the way it is all set up, the more of a lowlife shitfuck… Read more »


You’re absolutely right about the fact that nature seems to favor the scum bag. But what it actually favors is strength. The strength of a lie or the truth is more a matter of who than how many believe it. The best we can do for those who refuse to hear us based on some prejudice is remind them that “deceivers need believers”.

steven boyd

hi. i would suggest that it’s our artificial “societies” that favour scumbags, not nature.


My husband often wonders if ”this place” is Valhalla.


Like I always say; the only problem with this world, is the jew.

Charles Herring

Charlie – please, please, please – get rid of that horrible Rock and Roll noise you use for bumper music. It is so mentally disturbing. It is like you fell for that crap just like you fell for the bull shit book and cannot escape.
Do a show on Rock and Roll – its just filth.


Charlie is an old hippy, he still needs his fix.


Rock is a lot better than what passes for music today. A show on Laural Canyon would be interesting though. There were some weird happenings there back in the day.


Hey Charlie, Just listening to this show today while organizing for a move to summer place. You mentioned the power of the internationalist/globalist jews is deception and I agree. They have deceived the whole world and Whites are too nice to challenge them in their slippery, seemingly beneficial causes and so we will pay again and perhaps forever for this mistake. Diversity, welfare, equality are some of the nice, touchy-feely things they insist we must embrace if we are civilized human beings. What we need to do is to use their tactics, their power against them – a jew-jitsu! I say all the time that it is OK to hate those who hate you. OK to kill those who want you dead. This is just… Read more »


This show warms my cells. Happy boithday CG.