Truth Hertz: Suspicious Deaths of Celebrities (5-10-16)


Charles continues his discussion of the suspicious circumstances surrounding celebrity deaths and why they might have been killed.

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Could it be Charlie’s reference to Whitney Houston insulting Tel Aviv has incited Pat’s ire?

Time for a moniker change and a do over eh Pat?


Charlie, I’m sure you don’t know how you’re perceived by listeners. Let’s me make a suggestion. How about learning about Deception and how to perform an investigation? That would make you sound less scatter-brained and over-the-top. I know you only have a “Fringe” audience, but un-supported innuendo is exactly the kind of thing that benefits the current power structure. When I hear someone using un-supported innuendo as an “argument” – I dismiss that person as unsophisticated.


“…When I hear someone using un-supported innuendo as an “argument” – I dismiss that person as unsophisticated..”

Pat, that’s the effect YOU have on me when i read your comment just now, don’t use big words you don’t understand. Charlie never talks about anything that he hasn’t yet researched so your assumption that charlie uses unsupported innuendo as an argument is nothing more than a retarded and stupid assumption. get a life, Pat


Yeah my thoughts exactly, Paula. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Pat is Mr. Innuendo himself with many of the comments that he has posted and he dares accuse Giuliani of it? Pffft! What a fuckin joke! Some people of Renegade may like some of Pats comments, but a few of his good comments just don’t overpower the fact that he comes across as divide & conquer in my opinion. I could see why he would be doing it, if it was in mock value or sarcasm in a devil advocate kind of way, but that’s not the case at all. As my last words to you Pat, (because I don’t like wasting time on shit) I think you’re a fuckin idiot.


Well said Shaun. Pat is willfully idiotic