Truth Hertz: Suspicious Deaths in the Space Program (11-7-18)

Charlie starts off by discussing some things he would have liked to put in his new book, then gets into a planned moon strike, talks a lot about the mysterious deaths of NASA astronauts, and the reason for the Apollo program.

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5 years ago

i think the second caller who was talking about WTC7 was trying to name Barry Jennings, who was a 9/11 key witness confirming that there were explosions and later had mysteriously died from unknown causes

5 years ago

Yet another phony fake shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill in 1000 Oaks. Note the word “borderline”. Also of note is the pathetic, emotionless crisis actor Wyatt Condon. There is the “con” in the name, because it’s all just a con and “don” Is 33. Plus there’s the sexual allusion to “condom”. Silly jews.

5 years ago

Unfortunately , people that rock boats sometimes turn the boats over and when they come upright again the people that rocked the boat are not there. The “god” controller does not like them apparently.

5 years ago

This douchebag was at both the Vegas phony fake shooting and the Borderline phony fake shooting. He must have gone to the Jewlitard School of Crisis Acting.

Reply to  Renny
5 years ago

He’s with his ”family” of 50 or 60 people who just so happen to survive both shootings.. sounds like a traveling circus if you ask me!
Jewlitard hit’s the road!

5 years ago

JaSON CoffMAN,,,,,crisis actor. Dude has both the “son” and the “man” in his phony fake crisis actor name. Check out the “coff” part. You know the old “turn your head and cough” thing. It’s like they’re telling us: “we’ve got you by the balls”. No doubt this poor chump can get his jacked up grill fixed with his crisis acting paycheck.

5 years ago

About the mark and circumcision – in the Sumerian tale humans were created as hybrid race of a wild female erectus crossed with an Anunnaki male, this first Adamu race had foreskins which the Anunnaki lacked and found strange. Later when Yahweh (Anunnaki commander Enlil) wanted his warriors under Abraham marked as his followers he had his followers foreskins removed so that they looked like their progentitors. I think all these Abrahamic religions are Anunnaki cargo cults, and religion is a product of alien intervention. Humans are a hybridized domesticated slave specie, and religion is a pacification tool of these space invaders posing as gods. Furthermore, Christianity is a slave religion and that they are really whoreshipping the criminal space pirates that made us… Read more »

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