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Anton rîter von Zyttidell
11 days ago

Have a good break Charlie. Thanks for your time and effort with fighting the good fight, for sharing much needed truth out there in unsere weltkampf!

Be in touch via email

Robert Heimdal
10 days ago

I suppose a good-bye show without these belching CI hoodlums wouldn’t have been the same. This drunk untermensch once again showing that him and his ilk have absolutely nothing to say other than emitting gross sounds like some lower animal (“beast of the field” perhaps?). I bet their “yahweh god” must be very proud of them. Good optics pal! keep the good work dragging your psychotic religion through the mud with such subhuman behaviour, and please… don’t forget to get your shot.
Anyway, bye by now Charlie.

10 days ago

Keep up the great work Charlie, I wish you the best!

9 days ago

Best wishes for a well earned rest and speedy recovery for Charlie.

Thought it was hilarious and so apt when the Ci guy belched through don’t you forget about me by Simple minds. Couldn’t have chosen a better song and more appropriate band name.

8 days ago

“The caller” was a gift to Charlie from the Gods that everything he has been broadcasting about them is 100% verified and accurate. What a perfect gift for his good bye show. Hilarious! I am trying to remain positive and just catch up on old Charlie broadcasts since I just recently discovered Renegade, but honestly, I am very bummed out about his break. This has been my source of therapy and keeping me grounded in reality. I will do whatever I can to support Charlie, Kyle and Sinead; who are truly adored and appreciated. Much love and respect to you!

9 days ago

Hey Charlie, sorry to see you go, but wishing you well on your break! Maybe reconsider the name for the new channel since there are several called ‘ truth bytes’ on yt. Even one of them on bible tips : )
Annette, Amsterdam

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