Truth Hertz: Talmudic Tricks and Demonology (10-31-18)

Charlie talks about the ridiculous mail bombs and the synagogue shooting hoax before continuing his notes on demonology. He also takes some callers on this spooky Halloween show.

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2 years ago

Negro homosexual and total jew tool Don Lemon calling white men the country’s biggest terror threat. They are really ramping things up.

2 years ago

They look quite comfy, those Juden 🙂

Reply to  SoapedAndLampsheded
2 years ago

They look comfy because the temperature in that cauldron is approaching that of their home hades.

2 years ago

A good documentary here about the hidden hand in Bolshevism

Reply to  Vegtam
2 years ago

Thanks. Any idea how to download this? The usual stuff won’t get the job done for me.

Reply to  Jim
2 years ago

I am trying to upload this video to my channel, but I cannot download it with the usual “youtube to MP4” sites. If anyone is able to download it please let me know the site that works.It might be worth asking on the YT channel.

Reply to  Vegtam
2 years ago

You need keep vid pro to download locked vids. There’s an evil website known as which I never visited and never recommend anyone else visit cause it’s terribly evil. Some dude said that downloader might be found there, but I never use pirated soft and never recommend anyone else do that, so the matter is still up in the air…

Reply to  AlexP
2 years ago
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