Truth Hertz: Taxed to Death in the USSA (6-7-18)

Charlie continues with his conversation about property taxes and gets into how the whole system is designed to screw us and let our owners keep everything. This system of taxation shows that Communism is indeed alive and well in “the land of the free”.

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6 years ago

Another related subject is the abuse of Imminent Domain. Trump is a major abuser of this if I’m not mistaken. Initially it was intended that the government could confiscate your property for slightly above market value if it served the greater good of the community. Things such as airports, train stations, subways, power plants, and other utilities. Now they use it to build shopping centers, business parks, and other private interests. Their argument is that the tax revenue benefits the community. What actually happens is the property values go up along with the property tax forcing more people out of their homes. Personally I detest this practice. But if we’re willing to let private businesses take peoples land for monetary ventures doesn’t it make more… Read more »

6 years ago

Charlie just never seems to get it. You create your own reality. You focus constantly on the Jew shitting on your lawn — look how gross and repugnant he is!!! — instead of working constructively for a better reality.

That’s why this “movement” never seems to get anywhere. Once Hitler outlined the problem, he went to work creating THE THIRD REICH, meaning the solution to the problem.

Foster XL
Reply to  Amiens
6 years ago

Yet another new nom-de-plume dribbling out the same old crappy derisive comments. This is getting boring/obvious/old now… Charlie may not get it right every time but he’s just one guy in a network of people contributing thoughts & ideas. If you have no clue as to how an exchange & filtering of ideas works then you should just go back to watching TV (or synagogue as the case may be). Your BS doesn’t work here on the people who count. ANY solution, including what came up in the past (not just WWII) requires problem identification, discussion, debate, filtering, clarification, etc before decisive action is taken and the implementation of that action & its timing varies depending on many things from age to age. But one… Read more »

Reply to  Amiens
6 years ago

Awareness is the first step to solve any problem.

6 years ago

Charles is right.. If white folks don’t start taking control of their lives and local communities, that image of the white school children in neck chains wearing “I’m sorry” T-shirts while black children look on in confusion will be the reality for all of us. Everyone can see the replacement of white communities with “majorities”. These people live off the dole. That’s how they get into white communities to begin with (HUD housing, “civil rights”, etc)! Every other race can subsist on the gov tab Except whitey. When our neighbors have all “changed colour”, we’ll be kicking our own asses wishing we did something before “the change”. Imagine knocking on the doors of a majority community, where they get everything handed to them from the… Read more »

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