Truth Hertz: Templar Treasure Conclusion & Charlie’s Farewell (3-10-17)

Charlie finishes up his discussion of how the Temple Knights looted the booty, then wraps up his work here at the station, at least for the time being.

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I will miss you, CG. You’ve been my morning show everyday for quite sometime. Thanks for helping me get the day started with an informative and at times incredibly funny show. You’re great, and I wish you all the best.

All the best Charlie.
Enjoy your time but please come back!

Thanks for everything Charlie! At least there is a ton of stuff to listen to in your archives. Best!

I am finally moved to post my first comment ever on renegade. I’ve downloaded and listened to every single renegade broadcast since 9/20/16.

Even though we still have the archived shows, CG’s daily lessons/illustrations/rants will be greatly missed by me.

May his return be furious after he has reconciled his personal affairs.

Charlie, you will be missed. Rest up and come back.

You are the best radio host I’ve ever listened to. Take care and thank you for everything.
You came a long way in ten years. You were good then, but became even better. (Truth Hertz 2007)

I love hearing Charles rage, especially on bible dupes lol. Looking forward to his book. This is one show I will definitely miss.

Thanks for all the great shows Charlie and all the great laughs. I hope you don’t stay away too long!

Take care dude.

Charles, Even though I have not listened to that many of your shows (probably 6 in all, as I am new to Renegade), I appreciate the fact that it was the opportunity to be exposed to, shall I say, ‘unusual’ or ‘extra ordinary’ ideas, even if I am a little wary of the ‘WAR on Christ meme’, which I believe to be serving the overall big Z plans (you know, the ‘is it good for the…?’). I know this runs counter to overall ‘approach’ endorsed at Renegade. However, the only diversity worth pursuing is that which allows diversity of opinions to be voiced. Talking about ‘voice’, Charles I love the way you speak. It is quasi preacher-like (as I imagine it to be)… Good luck… Read more »

We sure could use a good religion for white people only. I study odinism, krishnaism, and lightworker.

Never tired of listening to your enlightening shows, Charles, ever since I found you a year or so back… A daily companion you’ve been and will continue to be through your archive material. Your research is such a great support for people all over the world, breaking free from old delusions and programming. A blessing for us all, your many talents combined to present us this truly awesome treasure house of information. Your return will be heartfully welcomed by many and me for sure. Thank you for your brave commitment to truth!