Truth Hertz: The Beginning of Winston Churchill (6-20-18)

Charlie starts with a few updates and calls and then gets into Winston Churchill, the topic for the next few shows. He begins with Winston’s early life, which provides interesting insight into the man he was to become.

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Oh, my! Unbelievable video. And they applauded this creature at the end of her talk. They actually applauded her. (I thought there would have been at least a few boos and hisses, but not one. And they actually made a point of showing the audience clapping. I’ve seen a handful of Ted talks and they usually don’t show the audience at the end. This one they made damn sure they did, and they were in full support of this creature.) Thanks, jews!


January 21, 2017 Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump restored the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office immediately after assuming the presidency on Friday, the most notable move in an aesthetic redecoration of the space. A bust of Winston Churchill has been placed back in the White House’s Oval Office. In a nod to the “special relationship”, President Donald Trump appeared to make good on an agreement to put a bust of the wartime British leader back in the famous office within hours of being sworn in. ‘American carnage’: Trump’s vision casts shadow over day of pageantry Read more The former UK prime minister’s renewed presence could be seen as Trump signed his first orders as the 45th president of the United States.… Read more »



Worshipping the mass murderer, the war criminal, who had hundreds of thousands or even more of German civilians – mothers, pregnant women, children, babies, old, sick and wounded, refugees … burnt alive

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I know this is off topic and I’m just putting it here because it’s the most recent video. Has anybody been checking out Patrick Little? He’s been outing some of the Alt-kikes and actually ran for governor in California under a anti-Jewish Supremacist platform. He lost, but didn’t do all that bad and it looks like there was voter fraud on top of him not doing too bad. I was just wondering what Renegade’s take on him is.

Yeah. We know about Little. Please read:
I’m not buying the official story that yacht guy gave up his precious shekels to fight the jew.

Caleb White

I seem to remember an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents from the late 50’s with this as a theme. I do some research and get back to you Charlie. Great Show.

Caleb White

Found this at wikipedia Charlie: “Alfred Hitchcock Presents Episode #165 12 “Specialty of the House” Robert Stevens Story by : Stanley Ellin
Teleplay by : Victor Wolfson & Bernard C. Schoenfeld Robert Morley, Kenneth Haigh December 13, 1959
Mr. Laffler (Morley) introduces his colleague Mr. Costain (Haigh) to Spirro’s, an exclusive gentleman’s club. The Specialty of the House is a rare but popular lamb dish. When Laffler is about to leave the country for a business trip, he’s invited by Spirro, the owner, into the kitchen to meet the chef. Afterward, Spirro tells the other members that the Specialty of the House will be served soon.” Hope this helps. I enjoy listening.


Cannibal Club… C C= 3 3. Buhtseques numbah!


I’ve Heard Through The Grapevine That Churchill Likes To Bugger Little Boys.


Winston Churchill Was ‘Serial Pedophile’ Who Liked ‘Buggering Young Boys’


“Jack the Ripper” was Winston Churchill’s Father

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