Truth Hertz: The Bible’s Malicious Mind Game of Sinning and Salvation (11-11-19)

Charlie talks about the absurd Biblical positions on sinning, salvation, and repentance. If you’re actually trying to find favor in God’s eyes, you’re royally screwed.

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AMAZING SHOW CHARLIE!!! Loved it! Thank you so much. ✌️❤️

In Gratitude

This explains why so many elderly Christians I’ve known over the years had so much anxiety as they approached death. I always thought they should be happy to be leaving this world and going to heaven to be with Jesus and Yahweh.


EXACTLY. I’ve seen this too in all of my elders. They are scared shitless as they approach their time. I also see how many of them feel incompleted, like they never lived how they should have. It’s sad really.


Article: What were blue eyed people doing in the Levant 6,500 years ago?

It’s possible they may have been (White) Aryan invaders from Europe and Anatolia.

In Gratitude

All I know for certain is that we have been lied to not only about our past, but perhaps more significantly, our ancient past. I think a tremendous flood actually happened. Our ancestors told us Atlantis was real. I think what we know as the Aryans, were survivors of the cataclysms of a prior, very advanced civilization, commonly known as Atlantis. The survivors of Atlantis traveled through-out the known world and we are their descendants. Humans innately want to know how they derived,so what angers me the most, useful information is kept from us. We have been and are being robbed of our heritage, the true story of our race.


I’m sure he’s done shows on ancient catastrophism in the past maybe before coming to Renegade, if interested you could email and ask him. As for the Flood and related, there’s too much global folk and documented memory etc to dimiss it. When the Extinction Rebellion dogs yap about the end of Earth coming in 12 years, don’t dismiss some prescience behind their claim even if the visible actors are just Useful Idiots and the cause if any differs from that proclaimed. It may not turn out as bad as envisaged by Chan Thomas’s ‘The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms’ but more than a few have written on the theme, including a very odd book from an ostensibly august author called ‘Doomsday… Read more »


I’m thinking the antediluvian flood was caused by the Younger Dryas.


That’s probably what it is. We seem to get around. They’ve found corpses in Europe with tobacco, a new world plant, and they’ve found a mummy in Nevada that had red hair and a tartan. There’s also natives in New Zealand that are almost white. You can tell they have some admixtures but they look shockingly European.
And yeah, don’t like these “White Hebrew Israelites” Christian Identity nuts tell you that because blue eyed people were found in that part of the world then we must therefore be the “tRuE iSrAeLiTeS”. These people need bashed over the head.


I’m very confident that the authors of the “book” is the same bloodlines controlling the u.s. know , ” the chosen ones”.

Johnny Walker Read

Could someone please leave Charlies e-mail address here?