Truth Hertz: The Biblical Perspective on Covid (12-29-20)

Charlie does the last show of 2020 by talking about how the teachings of the Bible relate to our situation today.

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In Gratitude
23 days ago

Is it me or is Renegade getting funnier? I am in here tears streaming from the laughter! Laughter Helps build the immune system.

22 days ago

You really love your Fly Farm analogy eh ? It’s turned into a running gag.

Lady Cat
Reply to  morgus
19 days ago

I’m gonna go ahead and substitute this instead my usual analogy for demonstrating differing perspectives
Glass half empty or full doesn’t quit capture this scenario, as that analogy does imply both views are valid. This is not one of those times
This is horse shit

Lady Cat
19 days ago

Oh Charles They know it’s not contagious. And they now know we were right and they hate us for telling them the truth. Plausible deniability ain’t just for politicians. And they hate us for not submitting to the new order of things as they are probably the type to benefit off of it… weather it’s the fat girl yelling at the skinny girl to put on the mask. Or a crotchety middle aged rhino feeling the power of getting the whole store to attack the pretty young girl… Proof is the same all around They all know the mask is useless but now they’re not the shitty selfish assholes forcing the Walmart worker into a hazardous condition, because if we all act like the mask… Read more »

Last edited 19 days ago by Lady Cat
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