Truth Hertz: The Birth of a New Person Through Mystery Teachings (12-9-19)

Charlie continues talking about how the death and resurrection of Jesus is based on ancient mystery teachings, passed down through secret societies.

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Johnny Walker Read
1 year ago

Re-print of a great article by Russ Winter on the burning of Rome in 64 AD, and how it was more than likely the “Christian Zealots” who started the fires.
“Both Judaism and its offshoot, Christianity then and now, have history-influencing, crackpot, apocalyptic, end-of-world elements that historians ignore.” – Russ Winter

Reply to  Johnny Walker Read
1 year ago

Isn’t Russ Winter the guy who was promoting Anthony Bourdain as “based” and George Web the mossad agent? George Web was saying that Germans were turned into sausages by the Germans in Dresden.

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