Truth Hertz: The Dark Side of the Beatles (10-13-20)

Charlie covers some current topics and then gets into the occult/ cabbalistic themes with the Beatles.

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Steve the bicyclist
13 days ago

I always thought the beetles were jews. Obvious fake names. Smug. jew faces. Over hyped with female “groupie” adoration.

I always hated them! Coo coo catchu!

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In Gratitude
12 days ago

Theodore Adorno, dropped his last name, Wiesengrund. He was a member of the infamous, Frankfort School.

Reply to  In Gratitude
12 days ago

all good info, ta.

Steven Joseph Fahey
Reply to  In Gratitude
12 days ago

Holy Shit~!!! Thanks for sharing!

11 days ago

The part where Charlie mentions the Beatles posing with severed doll parts reminds me of the leaked pictures of a Rothschild dinner party. I wonder if there is some sort of a connection between the Rothschilds and the Beatles?
Sharon Osbourne, just prior to becoming Ozzy’s manager, got revenge on her father by urinating on his brief case in a busy New York street, Only a jew would get even with someone by performing such a degrading, dishonourable and perverted act. (Sharon Osbourne is Jewish on both sides of her family, I am sure you know.)

Last edited 11 days ago by kvasir
13 days ago

These dubious celebrities darken one side of their treacherous face to display which side of their lineage is descended into the dark and ascended towards the light; divide and rule, Freemasonry exploiting disparity infliction’s such as miscegenation. Anywhere you find Universalism and Brotherhood of Man you’ll find inception of Freemasonry; “Imagine” using a Japanese race-mixing woman to advance that! Some redemption, defacing you’re soul unrecognizable with miscegenation. Didn’t Theodor W. Adorno compose many of the Beatles songs?

12 days ago

I used to think the same thing, but there’s not a chance in hell The Beatles did not know what was going on from the very start. The Beatles (like their so-called “rivals” The Rolling Stones) were a Tavistock creation through and through. Some people here don’t like Mike Williams (a.k.a. Sage of Quay) but he’s done a monumental job on this topic. All Beatles’ records are laced with P.I.D. and masonic references, most specially ‘Peppers’ (which references Crowley and many other characters on the cover). To make a long story short just check the book “The Memoirs of Bill Shears”, this thing is the linchpin of the whole occult Beatles issue, that including its audiobook version narrated by no other than George Martin’s son… Read more »

11 days ago

Communist Negroes wrongfully decimate White males as pedophiles because such desecration disrupts white procreation future less; this is how they are killing our white babies, before they are born into this world.”

Dedicated reader
10 days ago

I have concluded that McCartney died, and was replaced by a look alike. His Jewish wife and fellow Beatles were willing to fake it, to go along for the money,

Lars Baum
14 days ago

I’d like to be referred to in order to check Charlie’s assertion that kings looked like queens, and queens looked like kings.

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