Truth Hertz: The Deliberately Hidden History of White Settlers (2-10-20)

Charlie talks about the numerous examples of well-documented White history being erased from the history books.

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9 months ago

The55Club released a book on this topic not more than a few weeks ago. Its called “The Vinlanders” on Amazon. You cand find an overview of all their work at

9 months ago

This is from a hit peice

But back to those patuparaiehe/Celts. It seems there are good reasons why Doutré has not been able to produce any hard evidence for his arguments. He explains the problem in ‘Forbidden History – Covered Up!’ Special teams of armed men, controlled by sinister forces, are going around the country blowing up the caves where Celtic bones are to be found. This team is made up of “ancient control freak” organisations. There are no prizes for guessing who Doutré is referring to here.

9 months ago

Dean Koontz just happened to write about a coronavirus outbreak in his 1981 novel The Eyes of Darkness. It even takes place in Wuhan, Chia. Soooo coincidental right?

9 months ago

As to the Pacific Islanders, settling in the West Coast of the North Amer.
I did read that the Hopi Indians, traced their origins to the Polynesians /Hawaiians.

They – the Hopi – sent their Elders to those Islands, to meet with the Hawaiians Elders, and were able to confirm – with great joy – that they -indeed- had the same Roots, the language matched that of the Hawaiians, they had the same customers and religious observances, and dances. and were able to communicate easily in that language.

Both groups are still in contact with each other.

9 months ago

The reason I ask is because I brought up mossad in regards to the lab in China. Then…..the rats descended on me like turds coming out of the woodwork

9 months ago

What’s Giuliannid email?

9 months ago

Looks like Kyle, LOL

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