Truth Hertz: The Doctrine of the Unpardonable Sin (11-4-19)

Charlie talks about how the Bible contradicts itself by teaching that there is an unpardonable sin, even though Christians have no clue what it even is, leaving them racked with worry and guilt.

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Loved the show Charlie. Thank you so much. Religion is a scam. Religion makes people ignorant and weak. It’s a total mindfuck. You’re awesome Charlie ✌️❤️


We have the primal sin of being white in the books of the parasites.In the Book of Enoch, the children of the watchers are described as blond, blue-eyed and fair-skinned, in the Book of the Giants the home of the giants in the land of the Aryans -Scythia where the watchers took mortal women. Maybe from there came the phrase ( in English at least) blue-eyed devil? Also, Miguel Serrano has very interesting interpretations of the gnostic world view. ANd of course, in the Bulgarian myths and Tolkien’s books the Demiurge -Jewhowa/Jaha/ Melkor hates us and wants to destroy us.

Johnny Walker Read

Another great show. Thanks Charlie..


should be dated 11-4-19, not 10-4-19


He should be *strongly* advised to lay off the buybul bong for a while – it’s not good for him – or his blood pressure. He sounded positively deranged in parts of this.


No matter what your opinions are no one can prove a sky fairy exist . So say as Charles says “ tale that bible and use it as a comic book or use it for toilet paper .