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2 years ago

Loved the show Charlie. Thank you so much. Religion is a scam. Religion makes people ignorant and weak. It’s a total mindfuck. You’re awesome Charlie ✌️❤️

2 years ago

We have the primal sin of being white in the books of the parasites.In the Book of Enoch, the children of the watchers are described as blond, blue-eyed and fair-skinned, in the Book of the Giants the home of the giants in the land of the Aryans -Scythia where the watchers took mortal women. Maybe from there came the phrase ( in English at least) blue-eyed devil? Also, Miguel Serrano has very interesting interpretations of the gnostic world view. ANd of course, in the Bulgarian myths and Tolkien’s books the Demiurge -Jewhowa/Jaha/ Melkor hates us and wants to destroy us.

Johnny Walker Read
2 years ago

Another great show. Thanks Charlie..

2 years ago

He should be *strongly* advised to lay off the buybul bong for a while – it’s not good for him – or his blood pressure. He sounded positively deranged in parts of this.

Reply to  NomenNescio
2 years ago

No matter what your opinions are no one can prove a sky fairy exist . So say as Charles says “ tale that bible and use it as a comic book or use it for toilet paper .

2 years ago

should be dated 11-4-19, not 10-4-19

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