Truth Hertz: The End of Their Endgame (4-21-20)

Charlie talks about some recent developments in the coronavirus lockdown and how we need to take action to stop their plans in their tracks.

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In Gratitude

I can understand the human bewilderment over this world, and the yearning to escape it. I can also understand the human fear of death. And the bible is supposed to provide the explanation for our existence in this world, but it only reinforces the original bewilderment and fear. I am beginning to think there is some kind of gene, that makes some of us able to awaken and others not. How many of us are simply brain-washed and how many have the gene which makes awakening difficult, if not impossible? Over half, 57% of the world’s population is a believer in the Abraham religions. Many of them pray with all of their being to the head god, Yahweh, in some form or another. Yahweh is… Read more »


You seem on the verge of discovering the Gods of our North European Aryan ancestors! Hail Odin!


Here is the opening passages to Hermann Wieland’s “Atlantis, Edda, & Bible” (1925): “All of the great want and misery which we Germans have suffered as a result of the World War ( One ) has taught us to think. There are a great many thing which we have become more critical and suspicious of. For example, the propaganda and the slogans heaped upon us by our seducers and corruptors. Slogans instilled in us which no longer feel right: an “Equality of all Mankind”, an “International Reconciliation”, “A Brotherhood of the Peoples”, the “General Disarmament”, “Eternal Peace”, and so on. We have begun to realize that we have been dragged into an abyss by a group of criminals. The flimsy facade of their lies has… Read more »


That sums it up really well

Robert Heimdal

While average people are getting unemployed, and committing suicide in skyrocketing numbers, these jews are getting filthy rich.
I don’t know what it will take to do something really substantial. People must understand what is happening to them.

‘Jeff Bezos Gains $24 Billion While World’s Rich Reap Bailout Rewards’ Bloomberg


In the Charles Giuliani’s show of the 7 of april, Charles stated that in 2018, there were 50 000 scientists who signed a document addressed to the WHO to stop 5G. I really need the email of Charles Giuliani to reach that document or else. Anyone knows what is the email of Charles? If not, has anyone a link to put here to reach that document? TY in advance

Borg 7of 9

Women exposes staged Operation

In Gratitude

This is a perfect example to share with the sheep in your life, to demonstrate the fake media. If they can’t figure it out after watching this 7 minute video, they have the gene which makes them a truth retard. thanks for posting!

Foster XL

Be careful people! The first thing I noticed straight away after watching this is that there are no images in the MSM pics at the end that match the alleged staged event. Why aren’t there matching photos? Is it because the filming of the staged event was in fact staged itself? People you show this to will probably also pick that out straight away. This will be used by the people you show it to to further justify that “conspiracy theorists” are cranks & at worst they will say that “conspiracy theorists” are now staging fake videos of supposed fake news to try & prove their theories! Show me MSM photos or video footage that exactly match the content of this video with the same… Read more »


I agree. Same thing with the whole “hot mic” thing at the anti-White House. I haven’t been able to match that clip to any actual press conference that took place. Also, if they didn’t want that clip getting out, it wouldn’t.

Foster XL

Yep. MSM is probably THE most controlled weapon they have. Youtube is now MSM masquerading as non-MSM. Why do you think they’ve been training TV addicts up on so much “reality” TV in the past decade? It’s ALL scripted to one degree or another. Here’s my slightly updated version of what was originally a line from a black protest poem from the 70s – “The Counter Revolution WILL be televised but it will be ‘based’ on real events & be carried out by white supremacist neo-nazi far right terrorists who hate the diversity & freedom that you all enjoy as Constitutional Citizens of this great US of A!

Borg 7of 9

I`m not quite sure what your talking about ?

Foster XL

Different nurse, different colored uniform, different vehicle, etc, etc. Show us where MSM used the exact footage allegedly taken in the staged op video otherwise it’s suspect.

The thing is anyone can easily throw a clip like this together these days & get people believing whatever they want about it, especially on jewtube.

Borg 7of 9

When they have all the resources at (((their))) disposal . Magic money creation is tiresomely at the core .

Aatkutri Noydirja

Until Christianity end their unconditional support for Israeli criminology there’s no chance to end their end game.

Borg 7of 9

Okay , thanks for clarifying that .