Truth Hertz: The Good Book & Caller Conversations (10-3-18)

Charlie talks about What’s Wrong with the Bible and then fields a lot of callers who talk about a wide variety of topics.

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Giving this anti White piece of shit the time to ruin your show is pretty cringe.


Not as cringe as you giving time to “Flat Earth Nurse”.

Foster XL

Which you obviously still listened to so…

Anthony Roberts

Hey daringly defiant “Dakota,” big brave person that you are, Sinead gave time to a woman who was calling out the nasa bs merchants, as well as many other hoaxes, like aids. Once agent Daphne exposed herself as the flesh-eating shill she is, she was given the boot, like many previously.

We don’t do back-stabbing little weasels here, whether genuine or not, especially from people who aren’t brave enough to reveal their “true” identity. Go study the meaning of support!

Von Hahn

You mean Steph? She sounds intoxicated most times I hear her call in…always derails Charlie. He always remembers her and seems very amiable with her but I don’t know what she could have contributed to Charlie or Truth Hertz to cause him to allow her to regularly call in and disrupt his show with her drunken NewYohkah ramblings. This woman doesn’t even finish most of her sentences. I value Charlie’s shows because of the information and the passion he exudes for truth and goodness but come on, dude! Bad regular callers can really cut into the flow of a show and suck a good degree of information/listening value out of it. Reminds me of some of the old Oracle callers lol. Like drunken Ray from… Read more »

Foster XL

HAHAHA! Mr Turpentine-Cures-Everything! That guy Ray was funny at first but then just got f***ing annoying when unaware hosts wouldn’t just cut him off. And LOL! “Gadsden: *click*”. Who’d have guessed that dude was only 18 or so when he first called in. Sounded more like a 30-40yr old boring & frustrated drunk trying hard to sound like he actually had a point but failing miserably. What a completely insignificant f***ing little douchebag that idiot’s proven himself to be since!

Foster XL

I just listened to the whole show today. You can tell Steph is “the good fucking people a’ight” just from the way she talks… and the fact that she thought Brett Kavanaugh was… “expensive fish eggs”! Fucking priceless! LMFAO!!! 😀

Von Hahn

Seriously! A lifetime of working in bars has allowed me to develop epic intoxication detection skills but literally anybody with working ears could tell that gal was hammered. How does Charlie not notice?

Foster XL

You’ve got to remember that Charlie still has a following of old troofers raised on the likes of Alex Jones who’ve followed him around since the early days. You know the type – “911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!” but mention anything remotely racial to them & they either attack you for it or change the subject.


It would be somewhat worth it if it was a video you could ”watch the cringe”, but since it’s just audio, it’s just a waste of time.

Tabitha Wolfram

I agree. It was mortifying listening to what this pos had to say.


Charlie’s a bit too idealistic about the future. Who really think’s ”we are ALL going to be living in poverty?” Blacks, Chinese, Mexicans, every other race is incentivised to live in White founded nations – except the White folk. White folk are taxed and bled dry to pay for their invaders to live out of their emptying pockets. The future isn’t hard to see – most of us White folk are already living in poverty, if not one missing pay day away. Blacks, Chinese, Mexicans – every other race is getting free rides to their college of choice, not that I endorse further indoctrination AT ALL, however, most of us have grown up with the conditioning that ”If you don’t have a degree, your not… Read more »


Idealistic is the wrong word.
If you can’t wake up to reality, your living in a delusion, a fantasy.
I forget that Charlie was a preacher, a die hard universalist egalitarian.
It baffles me how Charlie can so eloquently speak about the source of the problem, history, and what is happening today, but fail to see the racial aspect of what is going on, in every country of the known world.
Your eyes do not deceive you.
I have no doubt that they are out there, but rarely do I see a homeless “person of color”.
It seems to me, that every where I look, the homeless are overwhelmingly white.

I only see white homeless people – and public housing is dangerous for whites because they are loaded with Hispanics and blacks! This is an outright genocide taking place right in front of our noses! Nobody f-ing cares about us, Amber – not even other whites – it seems that everybody just covers their own asses – there are some extremely wealthy whites where I live, but none of them give a shit about people like us! It’s extremely sad, and very frustrating!


I have seen some dot heads pan handling in a place in California where I used to live and work ( got the fuck out of there as soon as I could). What is funny/sad is that later I saw these dot heads getting lunch at a Baja Fresh Mexican food restaurant and they had a nice looking newer mini van in the lot. But you are correct, mostly all whites…

No, I see it happening, too Amber! It’s so f-ing depressing, and makes me burn with rage! The Mesicans get everything for free, and then I still hear them whine and complain – I have just about had it with the non-whites who have been, and are destroying our lives, our children’s lives, and now, our grandchildren’s lives! The jews have always worked with others to ensure our destruction – wait until all the freebies dry up – the non-whites will be screeching their heads off – but I won’t care! I hope the JNWO backfires right into these yids’ and their shitty, scummy allies’ faces!

Big Banana

When the Mexicans outnumber us 10 to 1, they will kill us.

Could they even harvest adrenochrome from us, if they knew how to do so?

WARNING, distressing content:

I hope that I will have a flame thrower when that happens – because if I’m going down, then their nasty ass is going down!

“A murderer must pay with his life, just as a debtor with money,” goes a Chinese proverb.

In Mandarin Chinese: 殺人償命,欠債還錢 (shārén chángmìng, qiànzhài huánqián)

The German version of the Epoch Times reported about Welcome to the Resistance, a para-Communist or para-Maoist movement in Sweden.


Very telling observation about vouchers for car repairs… if this flood of brown people isn’t an invasionary force deployed to try to eradicate Aryans, I don’t know what else it could be. How fucking many fruit pickers, lettuce cutters does this country need?


Government vouchers for CAR REPAIRS!
I was flabbergasted when he told me that, and he knows that if he get’s caught denying them, he could lose his business!
The American gov giveth (to it’s invaders), and it taketh away (from it’s founders).
Our greatest mistake in this country was allowing ourselves to be closed into the loop-hole loving corporation that is ”America”.
The USSA is literally funding every aspect of life for any and every non-white, while simultaneously bleeding dry, literally and physically, the white foundation who envisioned and built everything everyone appreciates.
“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” -Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

I remember reading that quote by Bibi – what a monster, and no doubt a cannibal, too – these vampires are literally sucking our lives out of us! Thanks, Amber – I think you are spot on in your observations and what you are saying!

Allison MacPherson

If you order Charles Giuliani’s new book, “What’s Wrong With the Bible?” from the publisher, CG is given a much higher % of the profit.

Soapy Bigstorm

The caller is a moron.

Big Banana

I think Stef drank too much firewater.


Stupid savage red man…

Muh indigenous people!!! Show respect lol


Great story by the shitskin about how she saved her “white” husband from the cops.


Charlie Charlie, Charlie, supposedly you don’t read comments here and if that is true, can someone tell him that he really needs to learn to cut off ridiculous calls that just are going nowhere and add nothing to the show?


The jewish storytellers of the bible had a lot imagination skills and they used them to fool the gullible Europeans into falling for this religion of theirs. If you want examples of some of the more ridiculous jewish stories I suggest you read two books of the NT apocrypha, “Acts of Peter” and “Acts of Andrew”, where you’ll read about jews that fly and apostles that can calm storms.


Death or conversion! Being forced to accept Christianity by the sword is hardly being fooled or gullible. The process took hundreds of years for Europe to become completely Christian.


That came later, especially during the later years of the Roman empire. Early Christianity was brought in and gradually spread by these jew apostles and a few of their followers, mostly fellow jews.


Ireland, to my shame, was one of the first countries to fully convert. That was after the Roman Empire. They were absolutely duped because they had such a high regard for the Triad. The trinity was used to dupe them in this way. If you had called the Irish gullible I would have agreed but the Europeans as a whole were definately not gullible.
When Rome converted they persecuted Pagans just as they had persecuted the Christians when the Romans were Pagans. Peaceful conversions to Christianity were a rarity.

Foster XL

No thanks. My reading time is taken up with good material about MY people, not jewish trash. Please take that shit elsewhere.


Exposing the bible and its many lies and deceptions Is relevant to many of the CG broadcasts, including this one.

Krav Maga is ghey

Please consider how Catholicism was massively empowered by French kings, starting with Clovis I, up to Pepin the Short who had a deal with Pope Zachary.
And then Charlemagne.

Charlemegne was a monster – look up the mass beheadings of Saxons at Werdin in 1782 – in one day, he had 4,500 Saxons murdered, and denied them free passage when they would not convert!

Pardon me, I meant 782 AD