Truth Hertz: The Historicity of Biblical Calamities (4-1-19)

Charlie returns and updates the listeners as to what has been going on and what he has planned. He then talks about how the Bible actually contains some real history, such as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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Yutaka Uno

i’m soooooooooooo glad you are back! You are the best.

Foster XL

Good to see the break wasn’t too long & welcome back home Charlie (if you ever read this)! TBH the schedule is even better now with the extra “Blitz” & “Fired Up” shows plus Tabitha & now plus Charlie than it ever was with more hosts. While some of the old hosts were great some of them also ended up being downright shit lol! The lineup now is much more solid than it ever was covering topics that are much more useful & practical. Looking forward to loading up the old mp3 player for work tomorrow!


Not sure about youtube as long as you save all of your work because the kikes patrol that place thoroughly.


Welcome back Charlie.

Johnny Walker Read

Welcome back. You were missed.

Chris Pollard

Welcome Back, Charles!!!!


Parts of the Bible cannot be interpreted literally. In fact some of it is due to suggestion. Even theologians agree on that. There is the story of Lot’s wife who turned around to view Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed, and turned into a pillar of salt. SImilar to these pillars? They are the result of the dead sea receding.

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Is “Brian”the first caller AKA Rollie Quaid?


I don’t think so. Do they sound similar to you?


Yes, they do sound very similar. The only thing that made me wonder if they weren’t was that “Brian” didn’t say “Ya know” in between every sentence as “Rollie” does. You can’t hear the similarities?


Fair enough, you could be right. No they sound nothing alike to me.


I thought it was Brian Ruhe

rollie quaid

That wasn’t me, I was doing radio show at that time. So, I have an alibi.

Yes, on Pedo Lover’s radio network.

rollie quaid


rollie quaid

You post a video showing suicide “jokes” featured in children’s videos? You’re one sick fuck, “Rollie”. You belong at pedo lover’s radio.

rollie quaid

Kyle, virtual signal much? — I wouldn’t have meet Richard if you didn’t hire him.

rollie quaid

I left RM after my Tuesday show– You always let me do creatively what I wanted to do, so I’ll just leave at that.

rollie quaid


Rollie sounds way more retarded than Brian from Canada. Rollie can barely form a coherent sentence.

Rollie quaid

I was a top writer on the Renegade Tribune for quite some time— that doesn’t reflect well on your taste, sir anyways “John from FL”


Because Kyle edited your incoherent, misspelled ramblings into something mildly readable.




I am sorry, this was not my intention. I am sorry to Rolly, and renegade. I knew Rolly had some hard feelings for renegade and the caller pulled some dick moves and screwed with Charlie’s show -sounded just enough that I equated the two. I don’t know this “Brian Ruhe” but it would be nice if he had some common courtesy when calling in so as not to waste everyone’s time. Rolly- I liked your content and your subjects, and it was not my intention to beat you up, or see you get beat up. You are a little rough around the edges, and your donation spiel was a little over the top, but I hope you will keep on with your work and keep… Read more »

Rollie Quaid

LOL! Seems that page is pretty much the same as Rollie’s ability to string a coherent sentence together – non-existent! 😀


This Rollie guy was one of the most aggressive panhandlers I’ve ever seen. At one point I even thought Kyle was in on this, letting him run rampant and arguing with other listeners about donation this and donation that. Then he jumped ship along with the generous contributions he probably got from all his Renegade readers to go along with Rich, of all people.

Knowing that, I can say for sure that I did not miss his departure one bit.

“Pat from CT” seemed to be the one in on it. Kyle just wanted to let people speak freely, so he wasn’t going to tell Rollie not to ask for donations. I agree that Rollie was super aggressive about it though. Writing articles is great, but it’s not like you get paid for every article you write. Kyle and I still have to work to bring in money to pay our bills doing non Renegade things.

Rollie Quaid

Sinead, u were always fair to me. I respect your viewpoint , I think there’s a certain amount nuance in this opinion . So, I’m just gonna leave it that. Good day folkhhs


A man is judged by the company he keeps, Rollie. Richard stands by a man who defends child rapists in a court of law. Ask yourself, would you trust Richard alone w your children?


I hear you in regards to keeping your writers uncensored, and I was well aware of Renegade and Rollie’s financial situations back then. In fact, that was the main reason why I myself contributed to Rollie. I saw Kyle supporting him heavily in spite of his rougher edges and that’s what ultimately convinced me to donate to him since I trusted Kyle’s judgement… I also considered that with Rollie spending some time around Kyle would refine those edges a little bit (as well as his people skills) and make him a worthy addition to Renegade. But unfortunately that’s not what happened. He went AWOL to pursue his own things with some shady people along with the monetary gain he got from here and that was… Read more »

Rollie Quaid

Kyle and I have only communicated through Podcasts, chatago and emails.— we only talked on the cell phone one time and it was very brief for MacGregor vs Mayweather back in August 2017.

He let me blog about anything I wanted and spent a lot of time editing. But I really wish he did help me with my radio persona.

I really don’t have the tools to make podcast (computers or a studio mic) before I got donors. So I owe you a gratitude, as well RB.

My last blog was in September 2018, who wasn’t dropping from the network at that time?

Did you donate from PayPal or go fund me—the total—the name you used and I’ll give a refund plus interest because I’m nobodies panhandler.


As discussed in my e-mails to you, Rollie…First, I don’t take interest (for very obvious reasons). Second, my donation to you was probably in September of 2017, and my bank statements can only go back 18 months. So unfortunately I can’t provide proof of payment even if I wanted the money back at this point.

I appreciate the offer, though, and I can only hope that the money went in some ways to your kids.


Yup, I actually donated 20$ to Rollie out of guilt/pity. I hardly ever donate to people (except Renegade), so I definitely regret it now.

Edit: I was lead to do this for the same reasons you list in a comment below.

Rollie Quaid

@Irmin is there anything I can do for you? I really just want to do right by my fans ( or past fans) .


Dude, I wasn’t ever a fan. I simply read some of your articles and felt bad that I was not churning out any of my own, so I donated.


Kyle wasn’t in on it— just for the sake of being factual, Sinead comment below is really what happened— i had a guy consulting me, helping me with my radio persona — ironically he told me to press harder on donations than I already was doing. So, that’s it —my email — I’m just here to listen to a friends show and be a ghost.

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Under a buck
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The newfie asks are you walking or driving?
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Thats all I got….
All the best Charles…..


It can certainly be challenging trying to get through to people on controversial subjects, especially history, politics and religion.

More material to verify what Charles has already mentioned regarding the Hyksos and Akhenaten.

Is this the Historical Moses? | Ancient Architects:

Jewtube will suppress you like crazy. That’s my experience. You won’t last long if you talk about the JQ.

Welcome back, Charles!!!!!!!
Proverbs 28 13.
All of 28 is great actually
Thank you thaton
Yes we can!!!!!


great to hear your inquiring mind on the air again.
the ‘army of monkeys’ – can also be translated as
the ‘army of forest people’

ofcourse, no resemblance
to ‘the army of off-topic trollers’ on this page.


Calling others “…trollers” LOL! That’s all that comes to mind every time I see your pathetic comments!