Truth Hertz: The Inhumanity of Yahweh’s Chosen (12-16-19)

While jews think they are better than humans, they have essentially admitted that they are nothing like us, perhaps not even “human.”sho

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Robert Heimdal
10 months ago

The Federal Reserve taking orders from rabbis? it definitively sounds plausible:
“Jewish bankers and their rabbis celebrate the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913”

10 months ago

Circumcision on top of their thousands years long inbreeding and their psychopathic genes that are unique to the jews is probably another factor to consider on why they are so unusually demented and psychopathic.

Johnny Walker Read
10 months ago

“Why are the Jews doing this? Because it’s what Jews do. Their so-called holy books feed insanities into their minds and make them believe that they own the whole world, that everyone else is their slave, and that they may do what they want to anyone — because they are The Chosen.” – JOHN KAMINSKI

James Reinhart
10 months ago

The talmud states that they are a different species and the ultra-orthodox are on video explaining it. That is why we are animals and can be used any way they please.

Ragnar Fan
10 months ago

They are definitely humans but they have a high percentage of anti-social, psychopathic, narcissistic and other personality defects, plus they are intelligent and highly ethnocentric. You get these characteristics in other races but no other race has them in such abundance. Makes for a terrible problem especially when they see us as their primary competitor.

ken mcbride
9 months ago

I firmly believe that a flock should indeed come together for a gathering and convert to the church of father charlie

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